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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • Displaying latest video from Channel10

    temporary issue, which should be resolved now... you were embedding on10.net/latest/player right?

    Of course, we are seeing some speed issues with on10.net right now, strangely intermittent ... and yet, without any code errors appearing... seems like a network issue, but we haven't figured it out yet.

  • Editing in forums overview

    Someone may correct me, but I don't think we've ever written code into that page that could do that. The only inline editing we currently have is for the about page, and is only enabled for admins...

  • DIV Formatting loss

    I see that CannotResolveSymbol has answered your question around quoting, but thanks for pointing me to that thread... I liked this quote by littleguru

    littleguru said:
    One thing I don't understand about Channel9 is why they allow HTML anyway... They should just enable a few tags and that's it... Not disable tags, just enable a few and all others don't work.

    Another thing is why are the posts saved as HTML in the database. If you look at older posts they have still the old quote symbol in there. I mean they have replaced that a while ago: if the forums would be designed in a way that those stuff is parsed before send to the client they would look have the new symbol. This means this stuff is stored in the database. It's not a clean design in my eyes.

    Since we now enabled only a few tags, and we don't save our quote, smileys or other bbcode-generated html into the database... I like hearing that this was all discussed (and requested) before Smiley

  • Profile Changes

    you should be able to make them now... for some reason the html in your bio is triggering the asp.net validation stuff... I removed it and the profile saves fine now. We'll fix this, as you should be able to put line breaks in like you had, but for now ... no HTML in the bio and you'll be set.

  • Languages

    Sven Groot said:
    Bas said:
    Thread looks really weird to me if used in Dutch. But that may just be because I don't visit any Dutch forums.

    I'll be sticking to the English version, btw. If there's anything I can't stand, it's translations.
    Considering your extremely good English, you aren't really the target audience (of these translations)... actually most people who already use the forums on a regular basis probably aren't the target Smiley ... the issue is folks that would be completely lost without at least some level of translation.

    How much of an issue that is probably varies from country to country. I know the Microsoft Japan team was really set on having the navigation of Channel 8 in Japanese before they started to promote the site in their region.

    I'm hoping to do a en-ca translation soon though, adding some u's in the right places, etc...  Smiley

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    TommyCarlier said:
    Duncanma said:

    I think Jamie means that your explanation (hitting the DB) is too technical, and you need a marketing department to explain it clearer, like "to streamline the flow of views in an optimized way".

    I disagree with Jamie on this point: I like the fact that we're talking to the developers of C9 and get technical feedback, explaining exactly how and why things are the way they are.

    I'm glad you disagree, although I'm not sure that is what he meant, but I am intentionally replying with way more technical detail than I would ever post onto the forums on a consumer focused site. This is a developer site, developers like to know details... sometimes they may even learn from these details... or they may have ideas on how we could do it better and we could learn from you.

    I'm capable of turning our explanations into what you see on most websites when there is a glitch... which is essentially nothing ("We had some temporary back-end issues that have now been resolved..." ... wow, that's informative. We know you had issues, the site was down... what issues and why won't they happen tomorrow?) but I don't think that would be anywhere near as useful (or entertaining in some cases) as telling you what is actually going on.

    Erik (Human Compiler) and Nathan (who you haven't met yet, but we will fire up our videos again now that we have so many things to tell you about) are even working on a plan that would let you switch the site into debug mode to see uncompressed script and uncrunched CSS if you wanted to. I'm not sold on the idea yet, but I think that gives you an idea of how we see the Niners... as developers like us, not like users who have no interest in the development process that goes on behind the scenes.

    We aren't the Visual C# team, working all day on the type of code I haven't written since university (like a compiler), we are working on the kinda of code that many of you write all the time.

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    jamie said:
    Duncanma said:
    re: "so that we don't hit the DB whenever someone views a post"

    sigh... c9 needs a marketing dept...
    I'm confused... what does this have to do with marketing?

    The view #s weren't updating since I pushed out new code last night, there was a bug in the code, which has only been fixed now...

    My comment about batching the view counter still stands though, having every user visit to a site cause a database hit isn't a great system, having them update the database every few minutes gives us the benefit of seeing traffic over time (if desired) but reduces the # of inserts.

  • Languages

    TommyCarlier said:
    Maddus Mattus said:
    Maybe they should localize it even further and create different versions for the "Dutch of the North" and the "Belgian Dutch". I know a lot of words have different meanings when you say them in Belgium or the Netherlands. Although that would be going a bit far, considering there are only a few Dutch and Belgian niners (not counting the anonymous D&B's).
    We have the ability to go as specific as that, Dutch (Netherlands) vs. Dutch (Belgium)... the code as it is now looks for the specific locale you are using and then falls back to just the language and then back to english

    We can specialize on a value per value basis if desired, 90% is the same and for 10% we need different versions for the two Dutch locales ... whatever we need to do we can do Smiley

  • Languages

    Bas said:
    Duncanma said:
    Sure, I'll contribute to that Wiki page when it's up.

    For now:

    "Today" -> "Vandaag"
    "Yesterday" -> "Gisteren"
    "Active forum threads"-> "Actieve threads" (could be "forum threads", but I think that's a bit too verbose)
    I'm not sure about "Aantal keer bekeken", by the way. Maybe it should be "Aantal keren bekeken", but I'm not sure what the grammatical rules for that are. Maybe the other Dutch speaking niners have better input.

    I'm not sure how you'd want to address users, by the way. "What you are watching" is currently "Waar u naar kijkt", but that's a pretty polite, formal way of addressing people. If you want to be more familiar, it could be "Waar je naar kijkt".

    It's still suggest changing that title to something like "What's new", though. Because I'm not actually watching those videos. Tongue Out Same goes for "Reply" and "Reply to Root", which I'd personally change to "Reply to [whatever the user's name is]" and "Reply to thread".

    Oh, and the "edit profile" page is still in English.
    Thanks for all those Bas, I'll work on getting that wiki page up... in a world of infinite resources, we'd build some cool way for you to click on any bit of text and submit new translations which would then be voted on (Erik tells me that Facebook does this, sounds awesome!) ... but in our real world we'll probably just collect feedback and new translations in the wiki and manually update the DB from time to time Smiley

    Oh, and I think you are right... we'd generally want to go for more familiar on this site, which would have been great information to give to the translators ... I believe they normally work on Microsoft products, where it is probably safest to be polite and formal Smiley

    bah, I said I was going to bed, didn't I?

  • Replies 2 Views 0

    yeah, that's messed up.... we queue up views, so that we don't hit the DB whenever someone views a post, and then batch update them every x minutes... perhaps we have a bug where we can lose that queue from time to time... maybe I should switch from an in memory storage to using MSMQ Smiley