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  • SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio

    Is there any way to save a DataCompare file and not loose the table specific selection?

    I haven't tried it recently, but say I want to only compare 5 tables out of 10, if I try saving the data compare file, the next time I reopen the data compare file, nothing is remembered. So I have to manually select the tables again.

  • Visual Studio 2015 Diagnostic Tools

    I really like where this is heading, however, IMHO I feel like the workflow is still not there yet. When compared to a tool like ANTS Performance Profiler, what I like about their workflow process, is I'm able to simply run the application, then evaluate on a method level the execution times, which then provides the ability to drill down into the specific methods. 

    I feel like this is a better process than having to step through the code via debugging to figure out the elapse time on methods. Maybe I'm missing something? But overall this is certainly an improvement.