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  • Introduction to .NET Docker Images with Kendra Havens

    In your slide you show the docker engine replacing the Hypervisor and guest OS's replaced by libraries.  This sort of representation has always confused me.  It suggests that I should be able to have a container that just ran VS ... it would be very convenient to set up containers for  specific GUI dev environments.  However, in practice I've never been able to create such a thing on windows.  Windows containers appear to always need an OS (such as nanoserver).  My impression is that installing Docker on Windows, just uses HyperV to bring up a stripped down Linux core that runs docker (via Linux).  All the Windows containers are headless and you really don't have access to the host OS.  Instead you appear to be running on the hyperV hosted Linux OS. Please tell me I'm wrong and it would be really great if you would do a video on how to setup Windows GUI based containers that isolate things like the Edge and VS.  That would be so useful/powerful!  Thank you

  • Visual C++ 10: 10 is the new 6

    I thought that VS2008 was the new 6 soooo doesn't that make 2010 the new 7 ?  Wink