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  • Stephen Toulouse - Introduction to Microsoft's security response center

    Are you sure that your antivirus doesn't have firewall capabilities?  Mine does and thus the security center will list that I have "A" firewall.  It doesn't care what firewall just that you have one.

    Read the Security center to see which firewall it's reporting.

    The pcmag article is not relevant and just points out that we should not be running as admin.
  • Stephen Toulouse - Introduction to Microsoft's security response center

    Come into the business world where my applications say that "you need to be power user or admin".  It's not Microsoft making me insecure, it's Intuit.

    This vulnerability is like the "if I have physical accesss to your machine I can circumvent the password" vulnerability. 

    Show me a line of business application in my office and I'll show you a ton of insecurities.  That's where my risk factors are at... LOB.

    From the reports I've read the the issue is not "from remote", it's like the user interaction flaws, they still have to click.

    Personally, I'll take "I'd like to let end users know that they haven't updated their virus program since they bought the computer two years ago for $1,000, Alex" over the "Potential for malware to overwrite this for $200".

    But that's just my opinion.