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  • U.S. Army using Silverlight for Resourcing Troops

    Hi All -


    I wanted to comment on this from a different point of view. Many of you are from the development community, and I think this case study and usage additionally needs to be considered from an Infrastructure, server and IT perspective. Many of the people I interact with on a daily basis are VDI proponents or Terminal server advocates and have blinders on to some degree as to developments in delivering applications through new delivery mechanisms like Silverlight (or sorry.. FLEX/AIR).


    I have used the example above in a couple blogs I have written and it is almost as if people in my little group disregard this as a game changer, and I truly beileve it is.


    Why implement VDI for task workers in a manufacturer setting when you can run a small windows based thinclient with a silverlight client and not need the massive storage, connection broker and other related costs for VDI implementations.


    Congrats on a great project!




    Eric S. Perkins