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  • Gestalt - Nishant Kothary and Joshua Allen

    Awesome work. I really love the simplicity of it. I look forward to finding some time to really play with this.

  • Microsoft Contributes Code to the Linux Kernel

    Correct me if I am wrong but all of this code has been around for a while, MS just changed their stance about releasing their source as required under the GPL. It would seem this is just a move to avoid lawsuits over them violating the GPL. I mean congratulations in abiding by the rules of GPL like the rest of us, but this isn't really anything new. The Hyper V tools are cool and keeps Hyper V competitive with ESX, but I think most people have been using them for a while we just didn't have access to the source. Personally, I think the GPL is flawed and stiffles innovation, because people work best when there is a profit to be made. However I must express a big "meh" over this announcement.

  • Ping 21: Gates & Ballmer talk Chrome, MS Office edits Google Docs, MS Retail, Natal is hiring

    Not to put too fine of a point on this, but Microsoft has had stores before. There used to be a Microsoft store in San Francisco at the Metreon, there was another in NY and another in Seattle. All of them failed. What has been described about these new stores sounds exactly like the old stores I visited. 

    Also, you make the rather bizzare statement that Microsoft has found that having multiple OSes didn't work. You may want to do some product research about the company you work for. Microsoft currently has: CE, Mobile 6, Vista and Server 2008. XP has platform specific versions, such as Media Center, Tablet Edition and various Embedded versions. For Google to have one version of their OS for phones and another for netbooks, seems rather obvious due the different demands of both devices. Balmer has proven himself to be a bit of an idiot when it comes to his statements regarding things he doesn't like, but I don't think you should blindly walk in his footsteps just because he is your boss.

    PS Haas rules.

  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    I would like to say that I am really excited by the idea of the this new "ultramobile PC", however it has some serious flaws - besides battery life - that will doom the device before it goes to market.  The first major flaw, is that it is designed for technology currently available to any distributer for mass production, rather than the next wave of technology that will be on the market when this device goes on sale.  While I expect prototypes to use off the shelf equipment, because you want a proof of concept that can be tested rather than deal with the bugs of prototype equipment, planning your release product around such hardware makes your device obsolete before its even released.  If I may be so bold, I would outline what the specs of this device should be:
    • 1366 x 768 7" screen.  This may seem rather high resolution however the device should be aiming to capture the HD market and this will make text much more readable.  In terms of scale check out Dell's high end 800x600 PDAs, the text is basically the same resolution as a paper page and awesome for reading off of, however a PDA is a tad small for reading a book off of - which is the beauty of this Ultramobile.
    • The processor is fine, people go batty over processors, but Transmeta and Intel both produce excellent low voltage processors that will only get better by the time this goes to market.
    • Dedicated graphics chip.  This should be a seperate chip for aiding in video decoding.  A seperate chip will enhance battery life and opens the possibilty of HD decoding.  Of course not all Mfc's will implement this, but those that want to use this device as a home MCE extension will.
    • A new specialized version of Windows or Vista. This is the biggest flaw I see so far.  If they go to market using a full copy of Windows Tablet Edition, they will miss the market by a mile.  This device should be using something with an interface that is something half-way between CE and Media Edition.  Kill the Start button, because it just doesn't work for this kind of device.  Also, this device doesn't need half the overhead that Tablet Edition comes with. 
    • Drop the VGA port.  When they were putting this together they kept picking up their laptop.  First of all Vista is killing VGA, second  this device doesn't need to be connected to a monitor its not a laptop.  If you want to implement a means of connecting it to another screen etcetera, implement a wifi connection to a portable docking station.
    I could go on, but I feel like I am starting to rant, so I will stop.  I think what bugs me the most, is I could build what he was holding right now (sans all the ports) for under $1000.  What, I was hoping to see was a nifty interface that would make this system a bridge between my phone / desktop.  Honestly if this device has halfway decent handwriting recognition, I take this with me everywhere rather than my PDA / Laptop.