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  • Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

    Bravo - for a co - "worst programmer" the video does it job :)

    Obviously have heard of Node but haven't used it. So that comes with some assumptions and perceptions (mostly likely wrong...even stupid). 

    Now I can begin tinkering for real and hope I elevate myself out of "worst" to "mediocre" :)

    BTW, of note was the back/forth on PUBLISH - maybe a little bit more on that (why wasn't it advisable) - e.g. "old school" deploy locally and just push to some host. 

    Anyway, thanks for a great eye-opener video!

    Can't wait for one that shows how it all goes with Typescript - it would be nice to see the Multiply function in the video in Typescript - re: "static types"!

    Scratch that last paragraph :) 

  • TypeScript: ​Application-​Scale JavaScript


    "Why TypeScript and Dart? Why don't Microsoft and Google and Mozilla work together to create a single web language for the sake of all?"

    Answer: JavaScript. Both the tools you mention spit out plain old JavaScript.

  • Parallels: Using Visual Studio on OSX

    Awesome informative video!

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio 11 Beta with Jason Zander

    Cool stuff! Maybe I missed it - since we're all sort doing a lot more javascript web/apps....is (will) the (or some other) minifier tool be integrated? 

    In other words, a "smarter Ajax Min" that on build will auto-magically (or set by dev) minify javascript (and css) in the proper sequence, perhaps based on the code or as set by developer?

    We can all do this now in some way, just wishing to make this even more mundane and handled by VS  Cool

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Productivity Power Tools Part 2

    Wow - pretty helpful look at PPT! I've been "learning as I use", so without videos like this, someone like me would probably never even discover all the features of PPT.

    I'll probably check this out when I get to VS, so I hope its there (if not please consider this a "wish"):

    So you have multiple files from different projects in your solution. Their tabs are color coded. Would it be possible to group the tab display "per project"? All "blue tabs" (of project A) are grouped/sorted/or in it's own horizontal row (or vertical column, ugh, probably just grouped for vertical display), all "red tabs" of project B are same..and so on....

    Thanks for the great instructional video!

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Productivity Power Tools Part 1

    Nice - I've been doing "show all references", or Object Explorer - this seems alot easier!

    BTW, is there a blog post / episode on Webmatrix <-> VS workflows? There are issues....i.e. something started in WM and then "handed off" to a VS developer....

  • Windows Azure: Cloud Computing in Application Services

    So why the "barrier" of requiring Vista and Win 2008 Srv just to get going with the SDK (including the tools for VS2008!)?

    Can't understand why a "platform independent" solution has this barrier...on the dev side at that?

  • Manuvir Das: Introducing Windows Azure

    Too bad you need Vista and Win 2008 Srv just to get going with the SDK.

    Can't understand why a "platform independent" solution has this barrier...on the dev side at that?