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  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Entity Framework Part 1

    @DiegoV:Thanks Diego I'll try that - your guys rock!!! great presentation and wait to have a look at Part 2.

    Just as an update I actually overcame that issue by specifying a connection string to an .sdf file instead. But I need to try your solution as I do want to replicate exacly what you guys are doing in these tutorials

    Thanks once again Diego Big Smile


  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Entity Framework Part 1

    When I run the console app on the CF example it throws this exception:

    CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'.

    Any ideas as to why. I must say that I using SQL 2008 and My login is registered in the Security settings.

    What I'm missing here for this to work???

    Thanks in advance for your help. 

     P.S.: Glory to JESUS for ever Rowan!!!