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  • Zoe Goldring and Gretchen Ledgard - What is it like to interview at Microsoft?

    This is an interesting topic indeed.

    I have interviewed at Microsoft several times. I have been told NO n times, I have been offered a possition n times, I have only taken a position once. (Where n is more than once).

    One of the turn downs was actually by Zoe. It was very pleasent to talk to her but I was puzzled that she did not see my potential....yes indeed, I even said..."now is personal" not with her but with it.

    After Zoe's turn down I went on a short vacation to relax, came back, tried again, and voila! I got hired! Of course it helps I am single and have no financial pressure.

    Now on to my $0.02: Learn a topic from top to bottom. Say patterns, or relational theory, or ASP. Just learn the darn thing well, don't be afraid to even mention flaws with that thing you know well.

    The rest just make sure you can have a pleasent conversation about other topics. If you dont' know something say so and ask "Would you tell me how you would do it"... while they explain, carefully listen to the choice of words the interviewer uses and use them yourself. (THis is key, remember...big KEY).

    If you know something (the answer to something) do not stop talking until they tell you so. segway on to another topic you also know. Don't be pushy either as in using commands like "wait, wait, wait" or "let me finish". Practice story telling not to lie but to get the right tone of voice.

    Your body must also speak. If the interviewer is saying " is the important thing..." you lean back and open your eyes. If the interviewer says "...this is kind of funny..." you lean forward and get the idea, don't sit there dead.

    Well, now I work at Microsoft and like it very much. I have run into lots of weird people and know some managers that I wish got phoned interviewed by Zoe so they wouldn't be here; And even being inside I don't stop to build a network of contacts for a rainy day.

    The other day, I was having some beers and playing pool at a bar. I met this high end PM (I looked him up in the address book) short of calling HR that same night and moving me to his group he did all sorts of promises that guessed it! He would not remember the next day. (Of course this did not happen and it is just something similar I saw once in a movie Wink