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1. Build your site for users:

Putting together a full website that represents you and tells the world what you're all about can be paralyzing. Where do you start? What do you focus on? Who do you speak to? There's so much to consider. Your first step is to focus on your customers. And that means focusing on usability. Build a site that is intuitive and easy for people to digest. Sticking to best SEO practices like using breadcrumb navigational elements, creating easy-to-skim content, having a simple interface, selecting the right keywords, and organizing your content into topic silos can go a long way in helping customers understand your site better.

2. Become a subject matter-authority:

Want to naturally attract SEO magic? Work toward asserting yourself as a subject matter authority in your niche by focusing on two things:

  • Becoming a source of content:Adding unique, expert content to your website is a great way to set it up as a leader in its field and to build authority. For a SMB or consultant that may mean writing tutorials about your service or product, publishing opinion or thought-leader type pieces, writing e-books or whitepapers, creating videos, guest blogging on other authority sites, and using social media to share additional content. By making your site The Source for trusted information about a topic, you become a subject matter-authority in your customers' eyes and build your expertness.
  • Building your personal brand/reputation:By establishing yourself as a content hub, you're already well on your way to building your personal brand and reputation. But don't just stop on your own site! Start building your presence in your local community and your niche by speaking at events, participating in webinars, and being vocal about whatever it is you stand for. The more people see you participating in your online community, the more authoritative you become.

3. Do stuff to attract links:

Any SEO worth his or her salt will tell you that you need to build links in order to increase your SEO efforts. But as a small business, how do you do that? And how do you do it in a non-spammy way that you're comfortable with? The easier answer is that to attract buy real twitter followers no bots links you have to do stuff. You have to give people a reason to talk about you. And on the Web, talking about you means linking to you. Again, becoming an authority and writing content are obviously two great ways to do something and attract links. But be on the lookout for ways to insert yourself into press mentions, hold contests and giveaways, sponsor events in your area, support local charities, blow something up, disagree with an industry demigod, anything.

Google algorithm. They've even developed a tool to help you analyze and optimize your page speed.