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  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    Did someone almost wreck outside at 1:54 or was that just my imagination?
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    littleguru wrote:
    Microsoft loosing another face and the guy with the original vision.

    First off its "losing" second off they aren't losing him, he is simply engaging in other efforts full time and doing the Microsoft thing part time.  Always amazes me that he is so cordial and relaxed being the worlds richest man and all.  That would go to a lot of peoples heads and its just fascinating!

    Sorry about the spelling correction but I like to point out the obvious ones since grammar seems to be a deteriorating thing these days.
  • Carolyn Napier and Tyler Robinson (MSI team) - Installing apps in Windows Vista

    I have a question about how it will save state and reboot the system.  On a fully locked down machine, lets say you have it install something it appears to be done it reboots and then the use logs in to complete the install (not the admin), does it encounter the same problem as it currently does?  Or will the Windows Installer Service be running with special privileges that will enable to take full control of the system to handle a download without user interaction? (this is how it should work, perhaps with signed msi's only or something for security?)

    Anyways just curious...