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My name is Emad Mokhtar. I’m Web Developer & computer-geek. I like anything related to IT, Programming, and .Net Technology, reading books, writing, cooking.


  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Trip Montage - If this is Tuesday, this must be Cairo.

    It's amazing to meet you face to face @Scott, you're funny and decent guy, and as I tweeted you're one of my Ideal/Icon Geeks.

    I hope to see you again, and spend more time with you, I'm sorry I didn't have time at CairoCodeCamp, I was in the team who organizing the event, and the day you see me at DashSoft i was very very tired indeed, sorry again.

    I hope you like Egypt Big Smile


    See you soon,

    Emad Mokhtar