anywhere wrote:
"I'd love to see a video on building the Dashboard without any code!"

Robert ... Let me add my vote as well to get this on video ASAP !!!

Ditto - I would love to see more on the BI Features - it would be good to find out if the "Excel Services" that he talks about is a completely different server product from the onese listed here

Also it would would be excellent to find out more details about the "Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007" and "Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007". 

I would also like to echo Zeo's comments to Scoble:  This video was awesome - keep asking the basic questions!  I loved the technical aspects, but you kept it basic enough that I was able to share this video with some of our upper management - who were thrilled at what is coming.  Only problem now is that they keep asking how soon it all is going to be available, and if any pieces of what they saw here were already in the wild.

Awesome stuff!  Keep up the great work - C9 is great!