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  • Workflow TV - How To Build Workflow Services with a Database Repository

    Ron, first of all great post, secondly, maybe not the most accurate tittle, more than loading workflows definitions form the DB (.xaml file content) or any other way that it can  be turned into some string value using the DynamicActivity method i.e:

    var activity = ActivityXamlServices.Load(new StringReade(wokflowToExecute)) as DynamicActivity;

    This is an elegant workaround to implement service partitioning on WF, back in the
    beta I asked something like that https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/wfprerelease/thread/41ecf7c5-8c74-4ec9-9bdf-437015b17ceb

    The "limitation" of one WorkflowServiceHost per WF service is one of the reasons I decided to no
    use WF services on one of our company's main solutions, given the number of services to implement, using WCF routing wouldn't be as practical or maybe not a clean, and using pick activities would be irrational, so we used plain WCF instead.

    Currently we have another interesting scenario and the approach you're following gives me another option on how to handle this situation, so, thanks Ron and keep up the good stuff coming.

  • 10-4 episode 29: Workflow Web Services

    For me Workflow services is a mixed bag, there are few things I’m not willing to trade off :

    -Contract First: it’s just awkward, I want be able to declare the service contract and then pick the operation to implement in the receive shape.

    -I want to be able to group workflows as service operations instead of independent services, for example in the video you have HRService, what if I want to have a single  workflow for process the application , other dedicated to check the application status, other for vacation request, other for raise request, other for complains  and so on, all related to HRServices however I can’t host all of  them under http://localhost:8080/HRservices and “see” them as operations( ProcessApplication, CheckApplicationStatus, VacationRequest, RaiseRequest, Complains )  I’ll have to host each of them under different addresses and treat them as separate services, in other words I’ll end up having for example:






    To accomplish the desire functionality (single service many operation) today we have to use parallel/ pick shapes which again doesn’t feel natural.

    Just my thoughts, other than that; thanks and keep up the good work

    Enrique G.

  • endpoint.tv - Windows Workflow 4

    oh! man... thanks for the intention though,

    BTW, pure speculation but I’m guessing that “soon”= Tech·Ed (May 11-15) Wink

  • 10-4 Episode 16: Windows Workflow 4

    ok, I confess; I don't like VB... Not even the expressions,  I like Krisw approach better, in the real life or at least on own my experience ,most of the time, business  people hand over developer the logic to be implemented.


    When are we, simple mortals, will be able to get our hands on it?
    I could use something like your VPC ->Generic Comment Image
  • endpoint.tv - Windows Workflow 4

    When are we, simple mortals, will be able to get our hands on it?
    I could use something like your VPC ->