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  • Channel 9 Live at MIX10 – Who, What, Why, When and How!?

    Nic, please have some Scotch ready for Jason and I on Tuesday and some clean blueberries.  Did you get our rider?  Seriously, we need perfectly cubed ice and...  a steak sandwich.





  • NBCOlympics.​com Update

    Al -

    We are going to do a post-mortem of sorts at the PDC and will definitely air some of the problems & challenges.  We will post that content as well on C9.

    As for the Apple question, I am not sure - you'd have to ask Adam.  He seemed to be drawing all kinds of pictures Smiley


  • Building ​NBCOlympics.​com with Silverlight

    The CBC owns the rights to Olympics content for Canada.

    Non-Canadian IP addresses cannot access thatcontent either. 

    There is lots of talk about "blocking" etc. - this is about rights ownership, which is dictated by geography among other things.
  • Building ​NBCOlympics.​com with Silverlight

    For Live events, you get fixed stream of 650k in pop-up and enhanced mode.

    For "Rewind", you get 650k chunked HTTP bits.  This is less CPU intensive than streaming.  If you are having issues rendering 650k, we swtich to lower bit rate chunks of 300k.  You will see a message on the screen if this happens.

    For "Encore" (from TV and certain highlight reels), you get a variing range of bit rates depeding on the health of your PC and downstream bandwidth  (like I noted in the video).  This switching happens seemlessly i.e. no flicker or "stream" switch.  You will notice the video quality imporve or degrade dynamically depending on your situation.  We will have more to talk about this as we get through the event.

    Make sense?
  • Building ​NBCOlympics.​com with Silverlight


    Sounds like you are hungry for some full screen content Smiley  The implmentation of the NBC Silverlight player has a mode called Enhanced, that will take you into a fuller 16:9 screen. We don't go true full screen for a few reasons, one of which we don't want to stretch the video. The resolution you see in most cases is native aspect and size of the source encode - thus it looks super clean, no blocking, etc.

    Make sense?  

    Also in enhanced mode you can do PIP and live commentary - enjoy!



  • Building ​NBCOlympics.​com with Silverlight

    Sorry Dovella, NBC owns and manages the licensing rights for the areas that they have purchaed from the IOC e.g. in the case the US. 

    Have checked to see if your regional broadcaster is delivering content to the web?   

    Also, Google is delivering content (a limited set of video & not in the same video quality as NBC) for 77 countries - but I can't locate the list to see if Italy is on the list.