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  • Erik Meijer: Functional Programming

    Thanks, Sylvan.

    I'll see if I can express it in C# myself =).

    I had another (stupid?) idea:

    With all the talk about SOA, would it be possible to hide the complexity of a webservice call in a monad, so that you could combine functions across a network seamlessly?

  • Erik Meijer: Functional Programming


    A question for the monad experts (I don't know alot about monads but I want to learn):

    How are monads combined, and what would that look like in C#?

    Say, for instance, that I have an IO layer over a file system or a database that returns the IO monad, and I want to combine that with the maybe monad. Do I create a new monad that combines them, or do I wrap the Maybe monad on top of the IO monad?