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  • Joe Stegman talks about the "​WPF/E" CTP

    Fayez AlMutairi wrote:
    TextBlock to test the display of Arabic text, WPF/E was rendering the text incorrectly as if it is rendering the text from left to right while Arabic text should be render from right to left. This same behavior is true for Hebrew too which is also a right-to-left language.

    We will have support for these, we didn't have time to do that in our current CTP.
  • Windows Vista Remote Assistance: Under the Hood

    Yes you can give the RA expert keyboard and mouse control and control can always be taken back by the RA novice by hitting escape or through the UI. 

    As for the converstation we don't have VOIP in RA so it doesn't apply. 

  • Windows Vista Remote Assistance: Under the Hood

    Kryptos wrote:

    That's fine, but if the end user has OEM Windows installed on there PC, then they have to pay for MS-PSS anyway, which I think is a little unfair

    I don't see how providing better remote assistance and paid support relate to each other.  The only tie in here is that support could use it as a tool to better help the user.

  • Windows Vista Remote Assistance: Under the Hood

    Kryptos wrote:
    Still watching the Video, if with IP v6 we all have public IP address, doesn't that have a bigger security implications....?

    I am getting the IPv6 team to give you an exact answer to this and the UDP hole punching question.

    Kryptos wrote:

    Get help from people you know, to reduce calls to dell/microsoft support, which means (int the long rung) that they don't get as many call's which means they have lower support overheads, will the customers see windows costs reduce?

    A lot of those support services are paid for by the person buying the computer through support contracts, but a lot of people opt out, or have no such option, so for those folks this is a great option. 

    Additionally it does offer smaller computer retailers an option to have better customer support through this feature.

    Lastly it offers our support staff those same options to help solve users computer problems.
  • XNA at Microsoft Gamefest

    Sorry it took so long to get up.  We are going to do some more interviews with the XNA team.  So what are your questions for the team? 

    Has anyone built something with XNA on Channel9?

  • Peer To Peer in Windows Vista

    I have tried it on a number of machines and it works on all of them.  Is anyone else having this problem?
  • Vista ​Collaborati​on

  • Vista ​Collaborati​on

    I stand corrected.  I read through the doc, but the explanation of what Zeroconf actually provides wasn’t clear.   As for Windows Vista compatibility it still supports IPv4 it just additionally supports IPv6 so an implementation of Zeroconf should work fine if it worked on XP.  When you say “how well Vista's version of Zeroconf works with the real one” I think you are referring to People Near Me (PNM) correct?  If so then PNM just uses WS-Discovery which is a standard for communicating it doesn’t have anything to do with printers.  Is there a list of printers that support Zeroconf if we have one kicking around I will test out Zeroconf on Vista.

  • Vista ​Collaborati​on

    Zeroconf seems to be a replacement for IP on the local network vs.  PNRP is a DNS like service that works across the Internet.

    Big Smile
  • Vista ​Collaborati​on

    We’re going to be filming some going deep videos for Windows Vista Collaboration.  What questions do the 9ers have for the team?

    Windows Collaboration technologies:

    PNRP (Peer Name Resolution Protocol) - "Serverless DNS".
    PNM (People Near Me) - Collaboration with people on your local subnet.

    Session Invitation - send and receive invites to your contacts.

    Mesh, Grouping and Graphing – Long running group collaboration.

    Peer Channel - Group replication.

    Windows Collaboration Experience - Project your desktop to people’s computers around you. (Start->All Programs->Windows Collaboration)

    - Ernie
    Window Collaboration Technical Evangelist

  • PDC Dev Team -- Plasma Screen Application at PDC

    Update: The code is being updated to the latest CTP now that it has been cleaned up.  Nice job on the effect, do you have a screenshot with an image on it?
  • PDC Dev Team -- Plasma Screen Application at PDC

    No date set for release of the code.
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