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Escamillo Escamillo
  • Microsoft always lets this kind of stuff happen

    , figuerres wrote



    Rory ?  he has nothing to do with the way things are....

    perhaps you fail to understand that some of the folks who are not happy (like me for example) are the same folks who have been here for a *very long time* and used to be part of the other discussions you refer to.  but things have changed; I have every right to say what i think as long as i am not attacking people and as long as i am "within bounds" so to speak.

    some of us have been very pro microsoft for a long time and we see things that we feel are going the wrong way.   by posting our thoughts here there is a small chance some folks at microsoft will see the post and act on it.

    No that's not for sure but it's a thing we can do before we go to the next step.

    in the end i and the companies i work with will vote with our money and that in the end will get microsoft to listen, if sales drop they will get the message for sure.

    and none of that will stop me for beeing a part of a good topic when i see one.  I still have code to maintain that uses .Net and WPF and WIndows Forms and so on....

    I didn't mean to suggest that Rory's departure caused the deterioration of this forum.  I just used his departure as a time reference.  There is no question that this forum is a wasteland relative to what it was in the past.

    As for "being part of a good topic" because you still have to maintain ".NET, WPF, and Windows Form" code, isn't the "Tech Off" forum more suitable for that?  If you ask a question on maintaining .NET/WPF/WinForms code on the Coffeehouse forum, you'll get "answers" that consist of how horrible those platforms are and how Microsoft should dump them for Objective C or some such.  hehe

  • Microsoft always lets this kind of stuff happen

    , Bass wrote


    Linux is a far superior kernel versus both WinNT and WinCE both in features and platform support.


    If Microsoft is to be successful in the future, they should dump WinNT/WinCE and Trident entirely and built on top of Linux or *BSD/XNU and Webkit.

    I really don't want there to be just one kernel or just one HTML engine in existence forevermore.  Nor do I suscribe to the school of thought that says that Unix (and its variants) represent the be-all and end-all of OS design.  It's absurd.

    I also question your assertion at how superior Linux is.  There's a reason why Android NEEDS multiple cores to run half-decently.  There's a reason why my DVR takes forever to boot up.  Linux ain't all that.

    As for "spending money to get NT up to snuff", I assume you refer to the phone space.  Microsoft is already spending money on slimming down NT anyway for Windows 8.  I've heard that Windows 8CP boots very fast and runs on very small memory footprint compared to Windows 7.  Since they're doing that work anyway, may as well apply that same work to the phone space.

    Finally, check out this video and tell me how WebKit or Linux kernel is so superior, 'cause I don't see it:



  • Microsoft always lets this kind of stuff happen


    , vesuvius wrote


    People keep complaining, and some Fanbois keep stating that Microsoft have taken the right decision long term, but they have been unable to commit to anything on the desktop for the last decade, and the phone is also following suit.

    I lost my faith in Microsoft a little while back, and anticipated that Windows Phone would be chopped and changed like they have done so well before.

    Apple have gone from iOS 1 to iOS 5, and I am awaiting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to upgrade my 2.3 version.

    Only a fool would buy a Lumia 900 phone now. If you have one, take it back.


    It would seem that so-called "tech savvy" folk that post to this forum can't even tell the difference between incremental upgrades of the same OS (eg. iOS1 thru iOS 5) and a transition from one OS to an entirely different OS (WP7 to Apollo).  Comparing a WP7 to Apollo transition to the incremental upgrades from iOS1 to iOS5 is totally meaningless. 

    And you bring up the fact that you are wating to upgrade your Android to ICS.  Yeah, you, along wiht 97% of Android users.  ICS was released ~6 months ago, yet only 3% of Android uses have been able to upgrade to it.  That upgrade path may as well not exist at all.  Most will be onto a new phone by the time they get to upgrade their current Androids.  Yet you cite that as an example of how things shoudl work. lol

    This Coffeehouse forum has gone in the toilet ever since Rory left.  Mostly what we get now are malcontents and Microsoft-bashers.  There use to be lots of tech talk on this forum and actual insight, but those days are looooong gone.  And that's why the userbase of this forum has dropped down to fewer than a dozen regulars.  The ones remaining are mostly the malcontents that can sit around and pat themselves on the back at how brilliant they are (they equate cynicism with brilliance).  The rest that remain are those few individuals that have the stomache to put up with the nonsense constantly spewed by the malcontents.


  • Does this site work for you in IE9?


    Loads fine in both IE9 and Chrome for me, with no speed advantage to either browser.

  • Windows Tablet : the sheriff is ready

    , Bas wrote

    I'm just wondering who the sheriff is.

    Reggie Hammond

  • How to disable IE9's Pinned Sites "feature"

    , SoapSudz wrote

    Sorry.... the link that you give DOES NOT change the behavior.  All it does is remove the menu option of adding the site as a 'pinned' item.  If you are someone who drags website URLs to your desktop, and want it to save the file as an actual link INSTEAD of a .website pinned site, then all you have to do is...   CLICK AND HOLD THE SHIFT KEY when you drag the file.  It will save a URL link instead of the .website link - which causes all sorts of other problems when you click on it.

    Thanks.  That tip about "CLICK AND HOLD THE SHIFT KEY while drag/dropping" is good to know.  It's not all that discoverable.  I think the IE team should implement Right-Button-Click-Drag, so on the drop a context menu is displayed giving options of whether to create a pinned site shortcut or a regular internet shortcut (and they should support Right-Button-Click-Drag/Drops for picture links, where the context menu would give options for creating a .url file, a .website file, or a picture file; currently, as has been the case for years, drag/dropping a picture link creates a .url file with no option to create a picture file).

    And I have to correct the first post where it says that drag-dropping a url from the address bar to the desktop creates a ".website file that doesn't save the actual url but instead the root of the site (and the root's page title)".  I've not seen that.  Every .website file I've created is a link to the actual page whose URL was dragged rather than the root of the site.

    Lastly, if one opens a .url and .websiite file in notepad, one can see that the .website file conatins information that is a superset of the info contained in a .url file.  So, I speculated that one could change the extention of a .website file from ".website" to ".url" so that double-clicking it will produce the old "Internet Shortcut" file behavior.  I tested that, and it seems to work.  That would "fix" any old .website files that one had created when one would've rather created a .url file.  Web shortcuts created henceforth would be best using the "CLICK AND OLD THE SHIFT KEY" solution whenever one wants a .url rather than a .website file.

  • Glad to see some official word on the Kinect SDK for Windows frm Microsoft

    , Bass wrote

    Microsoft has contributed/released Apache licensed code before (even GPL code before).


    I don't think the API of libfreenect is all that complicated. It has wrappers to a bunch of different languages (including C#), I doubt Microsoft will support Java or Python while libfreenect does.


    If Microsoft likes it or not, a lot of hackers and academics use Linux for their research. And you know Microsoft would never support Linux for anything interesting, so there will always be a niche for libfreenect no matter how "great" Microsoft's own API will be.


    I should say, the way the write this, it sounds like they are only releasing a driver for Kinect. _IF_ they release the computer vision middleware as well then it's a whole different story.


    You say that this is pointless, then ramble on about Linux.  Well, "whether you like it or not", there are lots of researchers and hobbyists that don't use Linux.  I'm a hobbyist myself, and don't touch Linux and want nothing to do with Linux, and this Windows Kinect SDK would be great for me, so it's cearly not "pointless".  Linux geeks think that they are the center of the universe and everything is about them.  Well, not everything is about them, and whenever a software kit is released it should not be dismissed as "pointless" just because that kit doesn't cater to the Linux crowd. 



  • IE is Back!! Internet Explorer 9 RC Is coming

    I'm still getting the bug where the browser refuses to display pictures embedded in web pages (and the ShowPicture command does nothing), and I must duplicate the tab anywhere from 1 to 4 times in order to get a tab to come up that will again display the pictures.

    I reported this to Connect as a bug against IE9 beta, and it was closed as a duplicate, but it's still not fixed. 

    I got the problem all the time with IE9 beta (never with IE7 or IE8), then I installed IE9RC1 expecting it to be fixed, and I didn't run into the problem for the first two days, but then sure enough, the bug has started occurring again.  I stopped using IE9 beta because of this, and as good as IE9 RC1 is, I won't use it if this bug isn't killed; I don't have the patience to jump through hoops to use a browser.

  • Wikileaks Supporters .. LOIC and C#

    I'm not a fan of Wikileaks or of 4chan, but I agree it's interesting that C# was used for their DoS weapon.  I would've expected python to be used.  And 8 years ago I would've expected perl. lol



  • IE9 refuses to show pictures


    I want to know if anyone else if running in to a problem I've had ever since installing IE9 beta, and if so, what they might have done to fix it.  My problem is that when loading any given web page, I'd estimate that there's a greater than 50% chance that IE9 will not display the pictures contained within that page.  Right clicking on the blank areas where the pictures should be and doing "Show Picture" does nothing.  If I execute the "Duplicate Tab" command a few times, eventually I'll get a tab that shows the page with the actual pictures.

    I put up with this for a while since this is beta, but I've grown sick of it.  I searched around the internet and saw a few posts about others having the problem, but no solutions.  At this point I'm ready to just uninstall this thing and go back to IE8; either that or just use Firefox 100% of the time (I currently split time between FF and IE).

    If anyone has any info on this problem, I would greatly appreciate it.