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  • Native Code Performance and Memory: The Elephant in the CPU

    @Charles: Fantastic!!! Very Exciting!! It's like Christmas! Thanks man!

    Wishlist:1. a talk on multicore, with a deep dive.
    2. more information on the Network Lib and Filesystem Lib.

  • The Future of C++


    Thanks for your reply - accepted. Nice talk, and can't wait for going native and c++14! Just awesome. I wonder if Bjarne is already preparing his next Editon of TCPL Wink.For the future, i hope you won't have to spend so much talk time on conformance again^^.

    PS: Where can i get the Visual C++ Team T-Shirts ("My compiler, compiles your compiler" or so), hehe.



  • Native Code Performance and Memory: The Elephant in the CPU

    Great talk, i like the style of eric. He totally qualified for a going native talk in september, i hope to hear more from you! Details matter, not expected stuff is even cooler Wink.

    If could highlight also some reading sources (useful books, specific blog posts,...) would be great++.

    I hope Charles is reading this, and he can get you on the speaker list for going native. Haven't seen a page to recommend ppl:-).

    *dreaming* Even cooler would be a Talk voting page  */dreaming*.


  • The Future of C++

    I think the major Problem is Microsofts commitment to C++:

    1. This talk on the last day of build and the second last session on webcast.
    What does this mean: C++ is a 3rd class citizen, Management doesn't care.
    Microsoft is gonna be the next Yahoo, which are proud of their new weather app - thats harsh, but it has to hurt.
    .Net announced to improve on performance, first signs as Herb foretold, the industry has to change to meet the needs.
    The train is leaving with or without microsoft.

    2. Look at the small C++ Team, i mean the whole Standard Library - and it's growing fast - Management has this on the shoulders of a single dude STL(Stephan),
     he is doing an amazing job (in the comments, videos, STL, etc.).
    And where is his talk?!
    Where is a compiler dude to explain newest features and complier intrinsics?
    Where is a dude from the PPL and AMP libraries to announce,show examples and point to the right directions?

    I thought build is a Developer Event.
    The Information need and wants of an C/C++ Developer are totally different from .Net or what ever.
    C/C++ Developers think about stuff that their programmer friends don't even know exists.
    This is why Herb, STL,going native speakers, and all the others behind the scences are so much appreciated, stuff is getting watched over the web, too!
    If the c++ team is the foundation on which MS is built on, where are the Investments?!
    Which brings us to 3.

    3. Corporate vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft on c++/c++11:
    "(this is also an area in which we plan to continue investing beyond this release)"

    And check out his channel9 interview with charles, there is a question on c++11 conformance - outch, you can feel the pain through the web.
    Management is totally not getting it. If they plan to invest,when will this investment actually happen,
     when will you experience the returns of investment? ...this will take years. Lets see... the next standard is
    around the corner, VS is then fully cpp11 complient in 2014, then next cpp14 standard is in vs in 2017,
     cpp17 then in VS 2020?! Stop throwing away Devices for free, INVEST in the C++ TEAM.

    4. This C++ talk should be day 2 keynote!!! Thats a appropriate setting for a first class citizen and the c++ renaissance at Microsoft. Well and look at the actual Day 2 Keynote - they show off a programm with OpenCV Lib, the dude has no clue. He is talking about showing of C Code, and well, what jumps first in the eye on the Code Screen, a std::vector<cv::Point2f>...haven't seen those in C for years^^ they must have templates now, too.
    You can do this in front of Web devs, .net dudes, marketing +management dudes and journalists but, please give the serious devs the appropriate room

  • The Future of C++

    Definitly one of the most important sessions at build 2013, please make it a live webcast!

    Im really curious if Herb and the C++ Team can prevent an ISO-CPP-Conformance-shitstorm for Microsoft Wink. If you read the forums, blog comments and reddit on VS2012 cpp11 and so on, there will be no mercy^^.

    What's it worth to have "rapid release cycle" for highlevel tools if your fundamental building blocks are "years" behind.