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David Johnson Evok
  • What do you want to know?

    VBTV 2.0

  • Ha! Steve Balmer posted his MSDN home page.

    I'm loving the new msdn. Not sure why so many don't like it. So much nicer to look at, even though I hardly ever go to the main page. It would be nice though if the links at the top were hover over drop down menus.

  • Bye bye Adam, bye bye

    maybe he's leaving to join mel sempat to work on cupidtino, lol

  • Hello World

    I guess I would also vote eclipse. I like netbeans a lot, especially since it's pretty much the "official" java IDE. One big problem with it for me though is the way that text shows up in the editor. My favorite development font looks very thinned out on it and it's enough to be a deal breaker for me. But there is also a problem with adding schemas for custom XML format text files. XUL (yes, sadly I use this crap at my job) for example is very hard to get syntax highlighting and folding through netbeans because it doesn't apply the XUL schemas to the file types correctly so it thinks it's a generic text file. Eclipse though I didn't find have these problems.

  • Ellen's iPhone Commercial

    wkempf said:
    Evok said:

    Can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic. I hope the latter.

    Why would I be sarcastic? That's exactly what this is. Are you seriously trying to suggest that the iphone is hard to use, or at least as hard as this attempted joke tries to make it seem?

  • Ellen's iPhone Commercial

    I can see why they'd be mad about this. It seems like this fool is trying to make the iphone out to be something really complicated and hard  to use, thus tarnishing the usability image for no reason other than trying to make a joke out of nothing.

  • Wave 4 is ​coming......​..and is ROCK!

    I wonder if they'll do anything to fix the spammers on Spaces. Every time I happen to view a blog on spaces, all the comments are either 10,000 links for wow gold, or designer shoes.

  • We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint

    DCMonkey said:
    Evok said:

    Nobody but Steve Jobs and Linux hackfest presenters use the later two. The military, like most corporations, uses Powerpoint for presentations.

    I understand, but to take an unfair swipe at PP, when it's the fault of the people who created the slide for the confusion is just stupid. In that case, I could say Visual Studio is flawed because someone created a project littered with confusing spaghetti code.

  • We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint

    Amazing how they single out PP like only it will cause pain during a presentation.  Never mind that the same terrible slide design can happen in Keynote, or OO Impress... Yet another reason I dislike the NYT.

  • Less than subtle change to iPhone developer license

    Guess this means no more PhoneGap either.