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David Johnson Evok
  • USA now has healthcare / health insurance reform

    ScanIAm said:
    brian.shapiro said:

    I beg to differ with you.  Dropping people who get sick or not covering pre-existing conditions is a profit ploy, pure and simple. 


    Name me one unprofitable health insurance company in the US during the last 2 years?  I can name quite a few other companies that lost money due to the down economy but somehow insurance companies were immune?  Was this due to good business practices?  Excellent fudiciary responsibility?  No.  They simply downsized their (sick) customer base and raised rates to maintain a profit. 



    No, they do not drop their sick customers.  It is not possible.  Never has it been, nor is it now legal to drop someone from a policy after getting sick.  The only way an insurance company would drop someone was if they bought a policy with a pre-existing condition, in which case good.  I would call that theft; trying to get something by lying.  The insurance companies took losses through the downed economy.

  • There will be NO local database access for the Windows​Phone?

    DaveK said:
    Evok said:

    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm not sure how you mean that.


    He went on to answer that later meant "not in this release" which means after the launch projected for the "Holiday season". That's 7 or more months from now, and there's no timeline for how long after launch they'll be ready.  I promise the world will end one day. I just don't know when. I've learned from experience not to pin my hopes on Microsoft's promises for the future even with firm dates for release. Vague promises  scare me even more. Mobile devs have waited and waited and waited. Silverlight for Mobile was delayed by multiple years.

    If  you are a dev who has worked in mobile and realize it's an important feature.,please keep the pressure on Microsoft for local db access  or it could be a long wait.


    Dave K

    With it already being baked into the OS, I wouldn't think it would take them that long to open it up to us.

  • There will be NO local database access for the Windows​Phone?

    DaveK said:
    DaveK said:

    In case anyone missed it go to the end of the WindowsPhone intro session by Charlie Kindle and listen to the Q&A. SQL CE is not going to be available locally on the WindowsPhones schedued to be released for the "Holiday season". It's here:



    He also talks about no more updates for WM6 which means that anyone who needs to write a program needing local db access would be writing for a dead end platform (at least for Microsoft) Hello Apple.


    Dave K



    Was just coming to this thread to add that.  At 56min into the video, he mentions that it is being worked on and will be available later.  Guess there's not much more reason to be worried that SQL CE won't be there.

  • So apparently WP7 does not do ​multitaskin​g...the question is, do we care?

    elmer said:
    CreamFilling512 said:

    Yes, it is capable, and it does so for a number of bundled apps... it's only artificially prevented, by their so-called security system. Unless you jail-break it, background tasks are killed off when the user navigates home or accepts a call.

    Ah, I always wondered how the backgrounder app worked.


    @Bass: lol, I did honestly used to bash the iphone because of its no 3rd party multitasking, but ever since the beginning of '09 since they started gaining huge market share and I could see more people actually using them day to day (have several co-workers with one) and still be happy with them, I could see that it really is a non-issue.

  • Browser ballot screen update

    elmer said:

    Those smaller browser makers learned from Opera well it seems.

  • So apparently WP7 does not do ​multitaskin​g...the question is, do we care?

    So I've seen on a couple of blogs so far that WP7 will not feature traditional multitasking.  Naturally the so called, long time users of winmo since blah blah version commenters are now saying this is what will move them to android.  Have fun, guys.  From what I gather from this and the news about only apps can be installed through the marketplace, with a couple exceptions, and no removable storage, though I've never owned an iphone, I know many people that have them.  There has yet to be a single iphone owner I know that says they wish it had multi tasking like winmo does, or that it could support a microSD card.  Clearly MS just saw a business model from Apple that works, and works well and decided to implement their own version of that model.


    Although that news that DaveK posted about no SQL CE does concern me a little.  Though I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to make my own SQL solution with SQLite, or linq to xml.  So, am I wrong in thinking that none of this news is really a big deal?

    Personally, I think it's going to ensure a much more pleasurable user experience.

  • Applications you have installed but want to remove?

    Wish I could get rid of from this machine at work:




    ...pgAdmin Crying



  • Google Fan vs Apple

    I say its better that MS is keeping quiet.  Just let Apple keep thinking they're on top of the world for now. It would be a waste of resources if MS were to spend money trying to fight them on this. The coming windows phone 7 will show them the iphone will be yestarday's news.


    I just hope this doesn't have an impact on future HTC device prices.  It probably wont but they may feel like jacking up prices a bit because of this, depending on the settlement.

  • What Firefox addons do you run?

    The only thing I use firefox for: Fast YouTube Downloader


    All other browsing done with IE

  • Adobe hammers the point.

    As much as I personally would like to see the ipad crash and burn, this demo does not pit the windows powered slate up against the ipad well at all.  The AIR makes it look like the device operates really sluggish.  From a consumer point of view, watching this demo would make me think the ipad is the much better choice.  Even though you could do 10x more things on the slate pc than the ipad, the user experience on this thing with AIR looks horrible compared to the ipad's.  Great job, Adobe...


    And for a marketing guy, Alan sure doesn't seem very "excited".