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David Johnson Evok
  • Apple to release iWork for PC's

    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    magicalclick said:

    I don't think "rickrolled" means what you think it means.  Smiley

    it might as well, you get that same "aw damnit" feeling whenever it happens

  • WinMob 7 on HTC HD2 Petition!!!

    Ian2 said:
    magicalclick said:

    From what I hear (I am in the UK) to develope for ZuneHD you need a physical machine, if this sets the pattern for WinMob7 then I've got a bit of a problem if I have just bought an HD2.

    That's probably just because there traditionally hasn't been a zune emulator for whatever reason.  The enterprise devs are going to need the emulator.  I would find it very hard to believe that WP7 would not have an emulator to test off of.

  • WinMob 7 on HTC HD2 Petition!!!

    Dovella said:

    Microsoft confirms no Windows Phone 7 for HD2, other upgrade details http://neow.in/d4u5zj

    Good.  Focus your attention on getting a device that was developed specifically for wp7.  The HD2 will have plenty of life ahead of it anyway.  There's going to be more updates to 6.5 as the year goes on.

  • Apple sues HTC over phone patents

    They mention the old touch pro and touch diamond in the suit.  So Apple knew about violations as far back as 1-2 years ago, but yet waited until windows phone 7 was unveiled to attack HTC.  Seems like apple finally feels threatened.  Though maybe it just takes this long to file a lawsuit?

  • voting causing postback

    I somehow double clicked on a thumbs up and found that it posted back after casting my vote causing the video to restart and have to rebuffer.  Not really a big deal but I would expect that once you've cast a vote, the same link would stop acting like a link.

  • Barbie's latest career.

    Ray7 said:

    where's the coffee mug / starbucks cup?

  • Do you have dark color editor background in VS?

    OrigamiCar said:

    Hmm - strange.

    I'm running a dark colored editor window on my vs.net RC and I'm not suffering from this at all - it's just as sharp as it should be. Wonder why some people seem to suffer from this and others don't? Could it be the font used perhaps? (I'm using Monaco 8pt)


    On a side note, I REALLY wish Microsoft would ship vs.net with an (optional) dark colored code window theme, or better yet a set of themes. I've used dark colored themes for a number of years now and find them much better, but no matter how much I tweak, I can never get them 100% how I want them. Current issue I have is when you select a variable or object in your code and it shows you all instances of that variable/object, it's using a grey background with a slightly greyer text and it's almost impossible to read. I can't seem to find the setting for that in the options, no matter what I tweak, although I'm sure it's there somewhere!


    Same, using monaco 8pt and my text looks great in the editor.

  • 10,000 9 Guys

    jeffsand said:
    mcannistra wrote:
    I always wanted one ! How can we ask for / purchase it ?


    Send us a postcard and we will mail you a 9 Guy.

    Channel 9
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA

    I know this is a dead thread but do you still do this?