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Fabulous Fadz Fabulous_​Fadz One does not simply walk into Mordor
  • Episode 175: Cloud Services in the Azure preview portal

    Hmm... I don't know how I missed this. I had been waiting for a while for this to happen. It's pretty sweet

  • Ping 246: Hoverboards, Xbox Gold, HoloLens in space

    I shouldn't have returned from my vacation and Ping show hiatus it seems. The shows have stopped coming since my post :S .

    My PC was downloading the latest build of Windows at the time of that post and I must say I love the new wallpaper and that's what I'm using now.

  • Ping 246: Hoverboards, Xbox Gold, HoloLens in space

    Hi guys.

    I was sad about the Space-X mission but was relieved that no one was onboard.

    When it comes to wallpapers I used the one with the leaves in an avenue in Windows XP, and kept it until Windows 7. Then I came across the Bing desktop app and I've been using that for years with a new wallpaper everyday.

    Currently, on the PC I'm running Windows 10 Insider Preview on, I use one of the defaults as shown here... http://1drv.ms/1FUKHtu

    I don't know why, but I really like that pic.

  • Ping 242: Getting your Goat, MP3 to Vinyl, more TV on Xbox One

    That was some unusual animal action in that clip. I guess I'll go with the "long neck" goat. I hope that neck gives some kind of advantage.

  • Ping 241: Cards Against Humanity, Xbox music, buy your own 'Tron' lightcycle

    I think Seth actually looked cool with the light saber, up until it went out before he switched it off. Someone should get him one of the newer ones from episode 7.

    I'd have printed a modified kung fu panda but since Mark has taken a panda I'll go with something from Finding Nemo. Jelly Man. Modelled against a jelly fish, I'm not sure how that will look yet but that's what I'd go with. And it probably checks the 'under represented' box too.

    I'd love a Tron lightcycle but on May the 2nd I'll probably be more interested in a little boxing match. Perhaps I'll print a little Pacq Man action figure too.

  • SQL Unplugged Live Episode 3

    How is it I'm only discovering this show now? I love SQL Server and especially Azure SQL Database. I'm bookmarking this and adding it to my favorite channel 9 shows.

    Now to watch the 3 episodes.

  • Ping 240: Games, Iron Man lends a hand, world's largest growler

    Hi guys. I finally found where to get postage stamps. Who knew that's what post offices were for?

    Am I the only one worried about an iRobot/Terminator situation? SkyNet or some other evil AI could really hurt us.

    More realistically though, I have concerns about

    1. the insurance issue that Developkc raised.
    2. with software updates coming, what happens when an update introduces a major safety or security bug? What happens if it bricks my car?
    3. and Privacy. How can I be sure my driving habits aren't being sold to advertisers or that government spooks aren't monitoring me remotely?
    4. And after all the high profile photo leaks how come people aren't panicking about the company that gave you fruit maps making a self-driving car?

    Lastly, (Tips on pronouncing my name - Fadz (eye) Chum-ba(r)) - almost perfect if you do it that way.

  • Azure Service Bus Event Hubs 101 with Dan Rosanova

    They could call it HaaS (Hugs as a Service).

    haha, this might come in handy when devs get burnt out

  • Ping 233: Dropbox App, Brain Box, Windows 10 (Freaking Holograms!!!)

    @developkc: Based on your Driving While Halograming, I figured it could also be useful to have directions displayed while driving. They could add a driving mode like in Windows Phone which would ensure there are no distractions and then I'd only see the arrows indicating where I need to turn and any change in speed limit, gas stations, hospitals/clinics and police stations when I'm moving in an unfamiliar place.

  • Ping 233: Dropbox App, Brain Box, Windows 10 (Freaking Holograms!!!)

    Hey guys! Absolutely loved the Windows event, and what was revealed.

    As if Kinect wasn't enough, the Hololens has brought us even closer to the minority report. [I just paused to let that sink in]. My imagination is still trying to grasp this but I'd like to have a Skype chat with someone and have them sit across me, and watch a movie by staring at a wall.

    I haven't watched episode 233 yet, but I'm about to start watching it now.