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  • GoingNative 16: Garrett Serack - Inside NuGet for C++

    @KindDragon:No, not yet. I know there are some community folks that would like to do that.We're focused on a bunch of smaller libraries first.


  • Garrett Serack - Open Source on Windows and the CoApp Project

    @Staceyw ... I'd like to have all the functionality exposed as Powershell--all the client tools are being built against a common toolkit (written in c#).  I haven't seemed to wander across anyone who has an interest and ability to build Powershell cmd-lets yet, but once the toolkit is done, it should really be a walk in the park, and I think we'll find someone to kick in the time.

  • Garrett Serack - Open Source on Windows and the CoApp Project

    @benyaboy -> You are correct on all accounts... Really, there isn't anything about CoApp that can't work for commercial software as well. 


    And, yes, the VC10 team abandoned use of WinSxS. I'm not thrilled with that, even knowing the problem that WinSxS caused VC8 and VC9.  They could certainly have solved the problem a different way, but ... they chose their path.


    Our goals are to make everything as trivial as possible; I sure expect that we'll see this being used everywhere.


    heh-heh... shipping with Windows is a bit tricker. However, the core CoApp-Engine will install when you install any package that is built for with CoApp. All it takes is one. Big Smile


    When I presented this at OSCON, one of the guys that work on the build for FireFox was there. He was quite excited by the end of it, and when we've got the right parts ready, I suspect we'll even see FireFox distributed with CoApp.

  • Garrett Serack - Open Source on Windows and the CoApp Project


    I've played with Prezi ... it's a lovely tool. I nearly went that way for this presentation, but I couldn't get the results I wanted. I'll probably look at it again this fall when I do some new stuff. I have a fantastic idea that I'd like to try out, and I think it'd work really really well with Prezi.