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  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle

    Congratulations to the Sparkle team - even with all the buffering waits, it was an insightful hour of video. I'm a Flash developer, and much of what you've addressed in this product are things that as a developer I have had to create on my own. Data binding is a big one, my sites are driven by xml files that do everything from define the interface to diplaying media. But it has been a big task to make the system. I particularly like the "look under the hood" feature when it comes to graphics. After two years of drawing with the Flash API I can draw a complex gradient with code, but how nice to be able to draw in in WYSIWYG then look at the code in real time - that it something I've always wanted to develp in Flash, but the performance could never match what you're doing. The timeline currentState feature is something Flash's animation classes have overcome, but Sparkles timeline based view is definitely supperior, and would save me a lot of test publishing to get a look at what I've coded. Very nice. Back when Harvard Graphics and Word Perfect were the primary tools you were able to do the same thing with WordPerfect, you could flip to the code and set a variety of attributes and tags to alter the layout, it was very handy - and allowed us to take our litho department from golden rod to digital in 1988. This product should do the same for all application and web development. Flash killer? Well, it's a different beast, and you have a lot of ground to make up in the web market - but it looks very promising. As a Flash developer, I would certainly be willing to make the switch and at the very least learn another tool to push the boundries. Now, just so MS doesn't apply muscle to make sure "theirs" is the product. Leave it up to the developers, make it cross platform (don't omit a Safari Plugin), and please don't make us developers and clients choose one or the other just so you can leverage the market. Nice job, can't wait to give it a go.