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  • Ping 27: Code7 contest, Get a Mac- Getting tired, Google fears Bing, Swiss street viewing

    I think you two are being intellectually dishonest in your video and you are only hurting Microsoft even more.

    • You should not be making fun of the creativity of Apple's commercials when Microsoft commercials have fallen flat on their face. Jerry Seinfeld and the mojave-experiment were complete flops. You should be thankful Apple has not pointed out the fact that Microsoft is scrapping Vista just after 3 years; of course, Apple doesn't need to.

    • Google as well as Apple does not need your advice on marketing either.  Google is as powerful as they are today due to an extremely successful product. Why spend millions on advertising when word of mouth works just fine as it clearly did in their case and still does? Microsoft has to do advertising because their first two search attempts bombed out. (MSN, Live Search). Microsoft has poured millions more into the development of Bing, millions with Yahoo and yes, millions on advertising in a hope people will give Bing a try. If Bing was truley better; they wouldn't have to. 
    I used to love Microsoft; but my respect for this company is declining daily and your video is not helping. Microsoft is now playing catchup in almost every major sector in computing and trying to give marketing advice to Google and Apple are not going to save you.


  • Marina Polishchuk: VC++ QA - The best job in the biz

    Yes---I would agree.
  • Marina Polishchuk: VC++ QA - The best job in the biz


    I am astonished at the fact that you really never did anything with computers until your freshman year in college and then end up working on the V C++ team at Microsoft! That is very impressive!

    Did you go to the University of Washington or somewhere else?  What were you favorite computer science classes and why?