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  • Florence Hu-Aubigny: Dassault Systemes and ​Democratizi​ng 3D

    Hi trackerball,

    Very interested in this subject. We have Catia and Citrix and we want to give access to external worker to Catia in our datawarehouse from WAN connexion. I have read a lot about Citrix virtual design studio (formely pictor project) but if you can tell me more about this don't hesitate Smiley I have applied for project appollo either but don't have answer yet.

    We are also in aeronautical business and have heard about that boeing is using such technology but never had the chance to see it in live.

    So now we are testing HP RGS solution which is doing quite good results but would prefer to stay in a citrix solution. The project has to be running for 1 february 2009 so don't have many times in front

    thanks for any comments