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    Tokter extracted the stenographised image of jelly beans in the original HHC post. I had no idea the code to do so would be so light. (I've never done any graphical stuff with .net) I pretty much expected to see a bunch of beans once the orignal image went through that process. I'm not sure where to go from there. Tag with the jellybeans?


    I'm pretty sure there are rows of important beans layed out with the bars in the "background" but i can't make much sense of them. Notice how the pick and blue beans don't cross the bars... Looks like there are other colors that stand out too. Black seems to work... I'm probably chasing my tail.

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    Probably... Where is the surgeon general when you need him... oh wait...

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    Ya I was much closer than i thought. I started with left 90 right 90 forward 10 back 10 with permutations of the bits. When that didn't work i wrote 4 functions that would make the turtle go up 10 down 10 right 10 and left 10. No permutation of those worked out either. Never considered checking for pen up and pen down.


    Here's 10 seconds more work with the correct instructions...



    My pen up and pen down is off. I think the instructions are flipped above.... anyway cool deal to see it work out Smiley I look forward to the next one.

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    And the turtle knew a few simple rules. I still can't figure out the encoding though... I've got him doing things based on the dots but nothing that looks like anything. I thought it would be fairly obvious given the clues and the data. It's not so obvious. Obviously.

  • Countdown to PDC09: Office, SharePoint, Free Win7 Boot Camp, and Turtles

    I was sent the image with no description for a friend. Took a while to find this place via random google searches. That was as much of a puzzle as the challange. I think they are trying to win the shirt without telling me! I follow the clues. I was about to post in the last blog post if "Green" would be a valid clue. Turtles are green. I've been fooling with it for a few minutes pen and paper style. I sure could use a new shirt Smiley


    EDIT: drink your ovaltine??!!! C'MON! This turtle must be teen-aged and mutant cause I'm getting my butt kicked!