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Frank Hileman Frank Hileman VG.net
  • Introducing MSN Toolbar Suite -- Redmond Team

    I'm using IE, and Start the tour doesn't work at all.

  • Kenneth Spector - Coding without seeing the screen

    What a nice guy! I hope the Visual Studio team sees this, and starts thinking harder about accessibility. Blind programmers can be as productive as sighted ones, since most programming and debugging is text based. Only the tools are lacking.
  • Christopher Brumme - The nirvana of easy, reliable programming

    I would like to hear Christopher expand on this transactional programming idea for application programming (not stored procedures) for simplifying hard exception handling, such as OOM. What sort of concepts would the developer be dealing with? How would the application be structured for "rip-down" componetization?

    How would the conflict between declarative and imperative developement styles be resolved.

  • Christopher Brumme - What is the future of the CLR?

    This sounds great, but what exactly is this non-traditional execution Christopher is speaking of? AOP or a derivitive?

    I see there is a great deal of power at that level, but I am not sure what might be done there.

    One thing I would like to see is method tracing. Selectively turn on a trace-log using regular expressions matching member names, and type/namespace filtering, with indenting according to call depth, and possibly logging argument values as well. I am used to using this type of tracing in older object oriented environments.