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Frank Hileman Frank Hileman VG.net
  • Business source - Is it really open source at this point - Monty Widenius

    @montywi: After hearing your explanation, I am more confused. If the source code is already accessible, before the multi-year time period has elapsed, the companies with no qualms about exploiting open source, will compile the source code and never pay a dime. This is in fact the majority of companies. I cannot see how the quasi-open source state improves the business model.

  • Business source - Is it really open source at this point - Monty Widenius

    The main difference would be the source code license. In the business model he describes, the license would eventually be an open source license. With source escrow, the license remains a standard commercial license. Nevertheless, you make a good point, in that for many customers, the final license doesn't matter -- the main issue is the current cost, and in that respect, it is similar to source escrow. For the long term life of the software, the "business source" license is worse after the software is released as open source, if it is simply exploited and used for free. On the other hand, commercial software companies can go defunct. In both cases, if no one is willing to support  or enhance the software, it is dead. "Business source" is a form of commercial software.

  • Concurrency Safe C# from TSI/Midori team: Joe Duffy etc.

    @LiquidBoy: Nice find. How do you download a tech report from Microsoft Research?

  • Sandcastle April 2012 v2.7.0.0 Now Available

    Just thought I'd let people know that Sandcastle, the documentation compiler for .net libraries, is alive again:


  • What's your thought about no more legal medicinal marijuana stores?

    Obama's supporters generally support medical marijuana as well. This is a great way to kill off the last of his support. What a bonehead.

  • Direct2D performance for very complex graphics

    Damien, are you used testing aliased graphics using Direct2D? It is suprising if Direct2D is slower for aliased graphics, compared to GDI. That indicates a fundamental inefficiency in the design. The problem with the Direct2D tips in the video, is they almost all rely on some kind of caching. That is fine for a few primitives but usually doesn't scale well, unless you can reuse resources across primitives (not your case, I think).

  • Glad to be off the Microsoft API treadmill

    @KDawg: You are correct, but newer "technologies" don't always represent progress. Newer is not better, etc. The word "technology" has been twisted to take on a new meaning, now referring to pile of new code. For an economist, a technology is something that increases productivity without adding resources. Time spent learning a new API, or debugging problems with it, decreases productivity. There is nothing wrong with that if you get greater productivity in the long run.

  • Glad to be off the Microsoft API treadmill

    Consider the "metro style" rules for applications. Is it worth paying lots of attention to the metro profile? It may disappear soon. We have no way to know.

  • Glad to be off the Microsoft API treadmill

    I agree with rhm and Richard. It is not just windows. It may seem that way perhaps because there is no competition between APIs on windows -- we are forced to swallow whatever comes out, more because of crowd behavior (use this since it is from Microsoft) than added value. This is reinforced by constant reminders that you should do development a certain way, and that way.. and API, is a constantly moving target.

  • A quick ​self-​reminder why I did not pursue native development


    ,W3bbo wrote


    So long as you don't do anything silly with pointers, you should be okay...right?Big Smile

    My biggest problem with C++ is the libraries. Any language, no matter how backward or difficult can be made all the better with decent libraries. Qt is great if you want to use C++ as though it were C#, but that's a whole other thousand-page book to memorise before you become any good at it.

    Sometimes I have to help clients debug memory corruption created in their code, but occurring in our data structures. You can't force a client to use discipline. I see all kinds of code...

    Non-.net developers seem to think .net libraries are pretty hairy as well.