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  • Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using C++

    Excellent session! Tons of examples for consuming winrt from c++.  Well worth the watch.

  • 3D Graphics in Metro Style Apps and Games

    This session provides a terrific overview of Direct3D 11.  IMHO, it's good for someone who has minimal D3D exposure but it does cover some of the newer technologies from a very high level that will be beneficial for even the most experienced D3D developer.  Thanks Chas! Great job!

  • A deep dive into Visual Studio 11 Express for designing Metro style apps using XAML

    Excellent session!  Provides a good overview of how to get common tasks accomplished in the VS Express UI.  This style of presenting is great and was enjoyable to watch as well.

  • Building a sample Metro style canvas paint app using HTML

    Unfortunately the first half of the video is rendered on the wrong screen and it's difficult to follow along.  However, there are a few good tricks to be learned from this if you are new to html5 and js.


  • A deep dive into Expression Blend for designing Metro style apps using HTML

    This was an excellent presentation and demo of how to do visual authoring in Expression Blend covering the UI, CSS, HTML5 and much, much more.  Lots of gems in this.  Will have to watch again.  Thanks Christian!

  • A lap around DirectX game development tools

    Loved the demo of the HLSL Editor and Graphics Debugger.  Can't wait to put these to use.  Also glad to see you guys are incorporating more graphics tools/capabilities into VS.  Hopefully, since MS acquired Caligari, you can port some of that mature IP into VS and all of us can actually have a one stop shop for 3D model creation/animation and coding!   

  • Build your first Metro style game

    Chas did a great job in this session covering the APIs that are available that will help to develop DirextX based Metro Style Games.  He covers APIs such as DirectWrite, Direct2D/3D, XAudio2, Media Foundation and best practices for specific phases of the appication life-cycle.  Not a lot of code samples but I still found this to be a good presentation that helped me to become familiar with the fundamentals of this new release.  There is a Game Dev Cheat Sheet at the end of the presentation that contains a listing of //build/ sessions for game dev if you are interested as well.  Thanks Chas for this presentation!

  • Create Metro style apps quickly with built-in controls

    If you are looking to learn about most (if not all) of the built-in user interface controls that are available, this is a great session to watch.  While there's not a lot of code, Paul does an excellent job of walking through each of the controls showing each of their capabilities.  This session really helped to raise my awareness on the new controls available in this release.  Additionally, Paul moves quickly and has a very good presentation style.  Don't blink or you may miss something Wink.  Great job Paul! 

  • Metro style apps using XAML: Make your app shine

    This session was lacking IMHO.  Sorry Marco but I really try not to give negative comments but I think the audience deserved a little more coding samples.  Most of what you refer to in this session is already referred to many times in other sessions at a much deeper level. Given the abstract of this session, I expected this to be much deeper content.  

  • Metro style apps using HTML5 from start to finish

    Great session!    I am just learning HTML5 and this session really raised my awareness on this and other technologies as well.  Great job Scott!  Thanks for the upbeat presentation!

  • Using the Windows Runtime from C++

    I loved this sessions!  I don't know what all of the negative comments are about.  I think what Microsoft has done to allow developers to easily integrate with WinRT and take advantage of everything it has to offer easily and efficiently instead of having to write a ton of mundane code to get the job done.  Great job Herb!  You have excellent presentation skills as well.

  • A lap around Visual Studio 11 Express for Metro style apps using C++

    This is an awesome session!  I just can't believe no one has commented on it yet!  Vikas and Joanna team up and walk through a real-world app dev scenario (at least as real world as one can get in 60 minutes) and they show some excellent examples of XAML, how to navigate the VS UI, concrete examples of how to instantiate WINRT objetcs from C++, packaging, etc.  Excellent job Vikas and Joanna!  I will be watching this one again!