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FrankieC FrankieC The Mad Code Crunching Pianist
  • Metro style apps using XAML: Make your app shine

    This session was lacking IMHO.  Sorry Marco but I really try not to give negative comments but I think the audience deserved a little more coding samples.  Most of what you refer to in this session is already referred to many times in other sessions at a much deeper level. Given the abstract of this session, I expected this to be much deeper content.  

  • Metro style apps using HTML5 from start to finish

    Great session!    I am just learning HTML5 and this session really raised my awareness on this and other technologies as well.  Great job Scott!  Thanks for the upbeat presentation!

  • Using the Windows Runtime from C++

    I loved this sessions!  I don't know what all of the negative comments are about.  I think what Microsoft has done to allow developers to easily integrate with WinRT and take advantage of everything it has to offer easily and efficiently instead of having to write a ton of mundane code to get the job done.  Great job Herb!  You have excellent presentation skills as well.

  • A lap around Visual Studio 11 Express for Metro style apps using C++

    This is an awesome session!  I just can't believe no one has commented on it yet!  Vikas and Joanna team up and walk through a real-world app dev scenario (at least as real world as one can get in 60 minutes) and they show some excellent examples of XAML, how to navigate the VS UI, concrete examples of how to instantiate WINRT objetcs from C++, packaging, etc.  Excellent job Vikas and Joanna!  I will be watching this one again!

  • Metro style apps using XAML: what you need to know

    Excellent XAML code demos.  Covers Grid, List, Flip views.  I know very little about XAML and this session helped to raise my awareness considerably.  I have it tagged to watch again.  Joe has a very upbeat presentation style.  Great job Joe!

  • Lap around the Windows Runtime

    Awesome presentation!  Great, deep presentation!  Lot's of coding examples!!  I will definitely have to watch this one again.  Great work Martyn!

  • Your Metro style app, video and audio, Part 2

    Great session!  Between this session and PLAT-775T (Part 1), I really got up to speed on Metro Style apps.  Extremely valuable!  Great job Daniel and Tim!

  • Fundamentals of Metro style apps: how and when your app will run

    I agree, this session really raised my awareness as to how and when Metro Apps run.  Ben also convers how to save state and provides best practices on how to do so.  Live Tiles and Lock Screen info was valuable too.

  • Your Metro style app, video and audio, Part 1

    This session is awesome IMHO!  So is it's follow on session - PLAT-776T.  I am a C++/Assembler developer and am just starting to get into HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, etc. let alone Contracts, Manifests, etc.  For someone like me who has no exposure to these technologies, I think Gabe did a superb job raising my awareness considerably on these technologies.  He has a upbeat presentation style as well which I found quite refreshing.

  • What's new in Visual Studio 11

    There are a ton of new features in this release.  I thought Jason hit upon most of them and did so quickly and explained them well.  Certainly well enough for me to dive in to them later which I think is the point of this presentation.  It's a good presentation if you have absolutely no idea of what is coming in the next release and you want to learn about the new features at a very high level.  Some of the features I knew nothing about - did not even know they existed.  Now I do know they exist and at least know what to start researching.  If you are expecting a deep dive, this is not the presentation for you.