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  • Styling Your First HTML5 Web Page with CSS3 - 03

    For some reason my document will not render the styles.css file that I created.  When I open the after document it renders it fine, but it doesn't work in my work folder.  No colors, and the font is appearing as whatever I set it to in Internet options.  I went into the options and changed the default fonts and that changes my work document.  I copied your stylesheet word for word, but it will not take effect in my html document.  Very frustrating.  I will figure out why though, dont worry.

    edit: Got it, I was saving the file with the name work.html in the before folder, and not the work folder, now I just renamed it to lesson3.html in the work folder and it is working.

    I just wanted to post this in case someone else made this dumb mistake!

  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02

    Bob, I love your tutorials, You are doing a great thing by teaching this.

    I just have a question about the differences in video playback. I want to know why if I pause the video, it doesn't start up again if I move back a little.  I have noticed this on several videos on channel 9, and I wonder if this is a limitation of html5 or Silverlight maybe.?

    Sometimes it works but most of the time if you move around in the video you will have to start over again to get back to where you were.  I have learned that if I pause the video, I may not be able to get it going again.

    edit.. sorry, I wasnt using Internet Explorer, It works in IE.  it was not resuming when i had the format set to auto - now I have opened it in html5 in IE and I can pause and move around.