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  • Windows 7 Taskbar in 10 Minutes -- Part III: Jumplists


    thanks for the ver good suggestions.... I will definetly incorporate them in my next screencasts Smiley. For this series I really wanted to keep it short, and show all the steps (which might be overkill indeed, as you correctly pointed out Smiley but I was hoping it would be useful for people not aware of the Vista Bridge and the Windows API Code Pack ....). Therefore, I didn't include a walkthrough of the application at the beginning.

    In addition, as a compromise I added a description of what I want to accomplish in teh descriptions part of the screencast series. This should help to set the context. Unfortunately, I was not able to add screenshots of the application to the description, otherwise I would have added them to show the results, but they are on my blog. They show the result of the application we are writing.

    Again thanks for hints on how I can improve the next screencasts, I will include them in my next screencasts  Smiley