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  • Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 1 - The User Experience

    Will the Preview Pane be as accessible/powerful as in OS X? When I compare Vista with OS X on my box and macbook pro, it is so much easier to preview stuff in finder by simply pressing the SPACE key (everything else isn't that great in finder *g*) and then the preview comes as an overlay which can be simply closed by another press on the SPACE key. Simple, efficient (uses overlay to have more space for showing the previewed content in a great way) and fast concept. Couldn't you take some cues from them?
  • New Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista Beta

    Yeah, a version of WLM with WPF could really drive adoption rate of WPF for other programs!
  • The Advancement of Windows: Ales Holecek - Windows Shell (Windows Explorer, Desktop Search, UAC, Aer

    malmer wrote:
    Can we please try and stay on topic. Take the discussion about meanings of words to an other place. Now back to the topic:

    I would surely like to have more customization ability of the UI in vista. Why not release a tool for modifying the bitmaps which form the basis of the UI. Atleast don't encrypt and hide them away in some signed dll. Just put them as resources so that one can edit them with a resource editor. Then enthusiasts can atleast be saved from the texas style drop-shadows which are way to big.

    If the dropshadows aren't bitmaps but created on the fly then give us strength, size and bluriness sliders. PLEASE!!! Pretty please with sugar on top. Maybe as a powertoy or as registryvalues or something. Please! Save us who don't want dropshadows from the photoshop play-land.

    As someone from microsoft stated over there at ShellRevealed, the drop shadows couldn't be changed because of compatibility issues and time constraints but they will change it in a future release.
  • Vista Audio Stack and API

    oh thats a pity, so i have to use an USB headset if i wanted to have the music on my speakers and the phonecalls on my headset? why isn't every soundcard channel an endpoint? more granularity would be fine Cool
  • Vista Audio Stack and API

    is there an ability in vista to set on which speaker you hear an application? for example i want the media player on the 2 front speakers and the game on the 2 back speakers? if it's possible, is there also a possibility to set the volume for each application on a per speaker base?
  • Carolyn Napier and Tyler Robinson (MSI team) - Installing apps in Windows Vista

    will installers look more fancy in vista? like some on mac OS X?
  • Ford Davidson - The latest in cell phones

    wow, the phone pauses the music when you get a call and afterwards it starts to play where it stopped - awesome!
     ..uhm.. well, that does every phone i know which has a music player...
  • Mike Swanson - Adobe Illustrator to XAML converter

    irascian wrote:

    I'm still using Corel Draw 10.

    I can't really draw but find it enables me to do enough to export something to Photoshop which I can then use to make it look half-decent. The fonts and clip-art alone made it worth the purchase price.

    But each new release after Corel 5 seemed to offer less and less (they even stopped giving you the clipart 'hard copy' book after Corel 8) and yet the cost and machine requirements went up and up more so I stopped at Corel 10.

    I've had Illustrator since version 8 (currently on CS2) but I can't get on with it - I find Corel much easier. I keep meaning to invest the time in Illustrator to make proper use of it but somehow the time never seems to happen.

    Man you said it! I am using corel 12 for vector graphics and i also find it much easier to work with than illustrator. I will take a closer look at illustrator when i have time but until then i work with CDR 12.
  • Landy Wang - Windows Memory Manager

    supersonic wrote:

    yes it looks exactly like this. [although the picture is offline now, but i saw it when it was there] - i was asking my question because i remembered this picture Wink
  • Landy Wang - Windows Memory Manager

    was there longhorn running on the pc in the video?