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  • Part 8: ​Understandi​ng Compilation and Deployment

    @Clint: Thank you for the hint! I created a new app from the very beginning, tried to deploy it and it worked! The applications I tried to deploy before were initially created under Windows 7, then I copied them to the notebook with Window 8, rebuild them and tried to deploy. I will just create them again from the beginning in Windows 8. Thank you once again!

  • Part 8: ​Understandi​ng Compilation and Deployment

    @Clint:No application does not launch on the phone and I cannot find them on the phone either. What about the memory - my phone is "empty". I did not loaded any music, or video or anything else. Clint, could you please explain me the situation with my account. I haven't pay $99 so far and registered a free account. In my account summary the option 'Payment account' has value "No payment account'. But my phone is there. So could this be the reason of my deployment failure?

  • Part 8: ​Understandi​ng Compilation and Deployment

    Will you please explain me how to deploy the WP8 apps created by me in MS VS Express 2012 to HTC 8s phone. I want to deploy the apps only for testing. I tried to do this in two ways:

    1. I connected my phone to the PC by USB cable, unblocked the screen and rebuild the app in VS for Device not for Emulator. The first rebuild was OK but I could not find the app on the phone - where to look for the application on the phone?

    When I tried to rebuild the same app in VS for second, third ... times - I got the error: Error 1 Error writing file '%FOLDERID_SharedData%\PhoneTools\11.0\Install\{19310bdd-ad30-4529-bf8b-ff470876c8d6}\PhoneNotes.xap'. Error 0x80070003: System cannot find the path - what is the reason of the error?

    My notebook does not support SLAT, so my MS VS Express 2012 does not have emulators for WP8 - could it be the reason of failure?

    2. I tried to use Application Deployment utility - I connected the phone, unlocked the screen, started Application Deployment, selected my XAP file and pressed Deploy button. I always received error 0x8973190E without any additional comments. They say it means the lack of storage, but my phone is empty, it is quite new.Could I use the Application Deployment for copying the apps to the phone?

    I have a developer account and my HTC 8S is registered, but my account is not payment - could it be the reason of failure?

    I ask this questions for many days in several Russian and English forums and nobody answered. Does it mean that the questions are not worth answering because they are easy? Or they are too difficult to answer? How do you people develop the applications for Windows Phone 8?