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Gambit Gambit
  • Technical Account Manager Interview

    Zeo wrote:

    More than happy to help. If anyone's coming to interview at microsoft and would like some feedback and or more information please don't hesitate to email me from channel 9(click the little mail icon on my profile - on the left of this post <--).

    And after you have your interview, take a break and relax because you've just experienced one of the most stressful interviews on the face of the planet.

    Good luck to all the candidates!

    I'll take you up on that if I get called up there. I had a phone interview with the IIS team a few minutes ago. It went well(I think so) so I may be going up there for a round of interviews.

  • Beckham moves to LA

    $250 million over 5 years for a 31 year old midfielder who isn't that great. So bloody stupid. This was a business decision by the Galaxy, a team I support, not a footballting one. How the hell can they even pay this guys salary? I hopes it's with the shirt sales, but I suspect that the team will raise the season ticket prices.

  • If the Zune software plays MP4 video, why doesn't WMP11?

    n4cer wrote:
    The issue is likely licensing fees (as it was with MPEG-2). The Zune team recoups the cost of licensing from hardware sales. Including it in WMP would mean MS has to pay a fee for each copy of Windows in which the codecs ship. The price premium for Ultimate (and I believe Home Premium) includes licensing costs for codecs like MPEG-2 and Dolby Digital, which is why those are included in those SKUs. Maybe they will add H.264 at some point though (they do ship an MPEG4 codec currently, but I'm not sure what profiles are supported). The Zune (software at least -- not sure about hardware) just got H.264 support with the latest update.

    Ahhh nice. Thanks for that n4cer. This is probably the case.

  • If the Zune software plays MP4 video, why doesn't WMP11?

    Yggdrasil wrote:

    Do you really think that it's developer incompetence that caused this? Have you never found yourself implementing a feature you thought was stupid because this was the defined requirements?

    My last project, we had a set of Actions that a user could string up into workflows that could be run on any other box in the system. One of the actions was "Delete File" which received an arbitrary file path and tried to delete it. Did I object? Of course. Did I point out the mindblowing security implications? I sure did. Did I implement it? I'm afraid so.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the VP who made the decision.

    I blame whoever made the decision to split WMP and Zune into two applications. I don't know if it was the programmers, PM, of VP. Someone made that decision and they're who I'd like to blame/talk to. Zune(the software)looks, to me anyway, like it's a mod of WMP 10. So why not tell the WMP team to put the Zune functionality into WMP 11?

  • If the Zune software plays MP4 video, why doesn't WMP11?

    odujosh wrote:
    Yea. I think some VP should sit down with Media Playback related teams at microsoft and say: "OK guys you will not release another version until you meet this standard" If you can't meet this standard then your product will not ship."

    Lets say that standard includes play for sure. I mean if your going to name your standard play for sure. It should still work 1 years later. Last time I checked music formatting has not had that dramitic of a shift.

    There is really no excuse for the fat client (WMP11) not supporting what the thin client version can. (Zune)

    There is also no reason the Zune could not support play for sure. Technology should be about choices not controlling consumers to the technology whim of the moment.

    A better idea would be if a VP sat the Zune and Media Player teams down and said "Look, we only need 1 media player. Either get together and make that one universale media player or we'll find people who can".

  • Its Zune Patch Tuesday

    It would have been nice if the Zune team to include a release notes file with the update. Not very social of them

  • The Soul Of A New Microsoft

    eagle wrote:
    Do you own a Zune?  We gave one away at our CodeCamp last week

    I own one.

  • The Soul Of A New Microsoft

    I've got some things to say to Mr. Allard about the Zune

  • Zune DVD rippers

    LaBomba wrote:

    you've reached your quota for zune threads blowdart...

    Though i'm sure the two people that have a zune would beg to differ.

    I must be one of the two Cool

  • What idiot made the zune and wmp databases seperate?

    blowdart wrote:
    I went on a metadata fix up yesterday, and did it all inside WMP because that's my usual player.

    And nothing reflected into Zune.

    Then I fixed missing album art.

    And lo, none of it reflected into Zune.

    Must track down Zune PM and strangle him with sync cord. Except you can't buy a sync cord on its own, and so it would mean no more Zune if I broke the cord. *GRRRR*

    I'm with you on this. Why didn't they goto the WMP team and say "Hey guys, here's the spec for our new device. Add the functionality to WMP 11". Just looking at the Zune software it looks like they took the WMP 10 code and modified it to connect to the Zune and Zune marketplace. That's about all that's new.