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Gavin Gear

Gavin Gear GavinGear

Niner since 2011

  • Microsoft Goes Big at the 2015 AllSeen Alliance Summit
  • Windows 10 IoT Core Update with Steve Teixeira
  • Troubleshooting AllJoyn with Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds
  • Step-By-Step: Building AllJoyn Universal Windows Apps for Windows 10 Public Preview
  • New Technology for 3D Printing – New Consortium Leading the Way
  • IoTShow: WinHEC and //Build
  • 3D Printing with Multiple Materials
  • 3D Builder Tutorial Part 5: 3D Scanning with Kinect V2
  • IoTShow: IoT Accelerators and Microsoft Ventures
  • IoTShow: CES 2015 and January Recap

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