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  • YOW! 2012: Dan North - Scalable Software Engineering and Product Development

    Hi Dan,

    A very nice solution with the proxy/ blackbox pattern. Do you have any more info on how you get such rapid system updates to work in such a highly regulated field?

  • YOW! 2012: Martin Thompson - Mechanical Sympathy and High Performance Coding

    I do agree with the first post, but then everyone does have a personal bias depending on their own experiences and background.

    I did find this interview to be one of the best lately (there's been a few good ones to come out of YOW). It was quite refreshing to see someone talk about getting back to the machine instead of the current trend of high level abstractions (not many can explain how Linq works), horizontal cloud scaling before even investigating how far you can scale up first.

    As a developer with a passion for writing good code to keep things both managable and fast, I want to see more like this. You don't need to go native to get good performance out of software, just don't create a billion objects and expect a smooth ride. Big Smile

    I wish I was a fly on the wall to see those off camera debates, they sound interesting!