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  • Kubernetes development with the Visual Studio connected environment

    Just courious if this will only be aviable for azure or also for aws, gce

  • ARCast.TV - Juval Lowy on Interface Based Design

    I agree to Dinkhome.

    Inheritance and Interface Design are two complete different strategies and they should be used with two complete different intentions.
    When you inherit from a class you always got a hard coupling between to types.

    Interfaces are just meant to give oyu a possibility to detach types. This reduces the complexity of your software and also increases the Testability of the whole application.

    Using Interfaces as an replacement of MultiInheritance is a fault and should be avoided.

    The Use of Interface is not just about reusing components. Its about creating autarchic Modules / Components which can work and be tested , be developed stand a alone without knowing any thing more than the contract they have.

    So you can give a whole new person the task to develop a component for your 10 year old Software without to work him into the complete application.
    Just give him the Contract and let him work Smiley