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  • Hansel​Minutes on 9 - #1 -

    Very fun video and I love the shorter format. Looking forward to seeing what else you and Scott "Mr. Efficiency" Hanselman turn out.

  • The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE

    Oxygen wrote:
    actually he was obnoxious, and people were uncomfortable talking to him, and they kept trying to recap everytime he starts rolling his eyes or winking to the camera.

    He even jumped around commenting on some guy's shoes.

    If you haven't seen all that, then watch the video again.

    ummm...I was in the interview and I wasn't uncomfortable at all. It was actually a ton of fun and as I walked around with Rory watching him interview others, they were all having a great time too.

    Maybe you're just reading a bit much into it, but speaking as somone both interviewed and as a spectator, I think Rory did a great job and that he does a great job at getting tech guys to just talk to the camera in a relaxed way.
  • The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE

    The font support is still on it's way and is not in the final release. We're hoping to see it and some other components soon.
  • The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE

    Here's the links to some of the other XNA sites I mentioned in the video. There are a lot more community sites and content than these, but going to these sites is kind of like finding one of the major on-ramps to the XNA community highway.

  • The Best XNA Movie in the UNIVERSE

    You look HAWT Rawrie!!
  • Looking at XNA - Part One

    Oh sure, send them to LearnXNA instead of my XNA development site....geesh. After all I've done for you Rory?  LOL! I'm so excited that you did this video, you're rocking the Channel 9 hizouse!

    Now if you can just get your blogging harem rolling....

    Need me to type up any email addresses for you sometime?