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  • while Iterations and Reading Data from a Text File - 11

    @Joanna: I had a similiar issue getting the prompts to react. My first issue was that I was trying to get the prompt while in debugging mode. Once I stopped it, I was able to get the prompts.

    The second problem I had seeing it came because I clicked in between text, but then left my cursor on the same line. In that instance, the error message box was coming up before the drop down was, and covered it up so I couldn't see it. If you move your mouse cursor just above the line, I could then see the drop down box in addition to the error message prompt.


  • for Iterations - 08

    many ways to do it, not sure what way your talking about...

    A way that returns the correct result Wink The point being to try it as it reinforces earlier concepts.

    For example:


    Will give you something different. 

  • for Iterations - 08

    Great video series Bob.

    Here's a nice homework challenge for this lesson that ties back to the lessons on data types.

    Challenge: Modify Bob's code so that the numbers displayed are 1-10 instead of 0-9. Don't forget to modify when 7 is found. I found several ways to do it wrong before I figured out a correct method.