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George_Curelet_Balan George_​Curelet_​Balan

Niner since 2010

  • TypeScript

    Timestamped draft notes of the entire talk can be found in my blog post http://ghcb.blogspot.ca/2014/04/draft-notes-on-latest-features-of.html

  • TypeScript

    Great clear and easy to understand talk! My timestamped draft notes till minute 36:00 follow. For full notes, watch my blog http://ghcb.blogspot.ca for future post.

    636 ref Google's Closure compiler that allows adding type annotations in comments
    900 interface introduced, eg. Entity
    1100 easy refactoring via VS2013 of prop renaming due to local var name collision
    1225 interface is structural typing, specifying an obj's properties
    1430 optional prop name ends with ? But has type to be obeyed if prop is used
    1500 can have methods in an interface
    1640 javascript type system manifests at run time. Typescript reveals it at compilation.
    2040 generics use in sorting example
    2115 generics are used to flow types. "T extends Entity"
    2345 callback use in generics sort example
    2450 lambda expression use, not yet in Ecmascript 6
    2610 Typescript is a preview of Ecmascript 6 compiled to code that can run on Ecmascript 3 browsers
    2740 ref type declaration file
    2850 declaration file can be written for any Javascript framework. Gain the power of types
    2910 ref https://github.com/borisyankov/DefinitelyTyped site repository of type declarations
    3030 writing classes is same with future Ecmascript 6 class
    3400 class methods translation into Javascript
    3425 private properties support has no JS equivalent but may be used for future Ecmascript 6 support of hidden properties
    3550 implicit definition of public properties via their declaration in constructor's signature

  • Closing Keynote: Big Transitions in Small Steps

    Great talk and great tips on how to deal with software changes! Practical agility tips on changing data, code and system architecture are exemplified starting at minute 20:40.

  • Big Data, Big deal

    Interesting talk on the paradigm shift in dealing with big data.

    My partial time annotations in mmss (MinutesSeconds) format are:

    315 some big data stats

    410 amount of data will increase by a factor of 35 to 40 by 2020

    450 the data deluge, G20 interest into big data

    504 why the sudden explosion of interest in big data?

    650 data is not thrown anymore + trend to analyse social network sentiment data

    730 cost of data storage is down

    755 managing "big data": parallel DB vs NoSQL system

    845 Bing statistics

    900 NoSQL discussion

    957 why NoSQL (Not only SQL)?

    1140 NoSQL is driven by developers

    1220 Reducing time to insight explains interest into NoSQL

    1315 NoSQL vs. SQL approach = agile vs. not

    1325 NoSQL approach

    1405 2 types of NoSQL systems:   

    1. key/value: Mongo DB, Couch DB, Cassandra, Azure tables   

    2. 1525 Hadoop = distributed execution framework & file system

    1625 Two universes of data: structured and not

    1705 paradigm shift from SQL

    1840 what is Hadoop?

  • Agile Acceptance Testing: Mitigating the Risks of Enterprise Software Development

    Great hands-on talk!

  • Project Patterns: From Adrenalin Junkies to Template Zombies

    Great, insightful, thought-provoking and entertaining talk!

    Notable ideas at minutes: 4:00, 10:00, 15:40, 18:00, 19:50, 22:37, 26:25, 28:22, 30:20, 37:20, 39:10, 41:50, 43:45, 45:50, 48:35, 50:30, 53:20, 54:05, 56:40.

  • D³: Start Something on LinkedIn with Miguel Carrasco

    Great interview and insights!

  • Day 1 Keynote - Bjarne Stroustrup: C++11 Style

    Always eager to learn from the best. I'm definitely looking forward to watching Bjarne's interesting talk and the other GoingNative 2012 sessions!

  • YOW! 2011: Damian Conway - Temporally Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming Made Easy

    Thank you @Richard.Hein for the link of the exciting Damian's older talk and thank you @Charles for this interview that reveals great insights into programming languages and physics!

    My time bookmark notes in "minute:second" format follows:

    0:24 the reason behind Damian's talk

    2:15 comments on the positronic variable and multiverses simulation in Perl

    3:15 bad habits & 2 diff types of programmers

    6:50 language specialization issue

    8:50 analogy with natural languages

    10:45 current state of PERL

    14:00 question on the push towards the "The general purpose language"

    16:20 programming languages design tradeoffs

    17:20 comments about Damian's keynote address and developers feedback to it

    18:50 programming == manipulating reality with language == kind of same what physicists do

    21:10 math as a language and analogy as a means for communicating it

  • Zen of Architecture

    Great talk!

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