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George_Curelet_Balan George_​Curelet_​Balan
  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?

    Software development at the cross-roads between the use of managed languages and the renaissance of C++ and Javascript.

    Great video with historical insights into programming languages evolution, global warming implications, Moore's law, multi-cores and performance vs. productivity software development paradigm.

    Thank you @Charles for keeping the dialogue open. We are living very exciting and interesting times!


  • Silverlight TV 83: Using Wireframes to Visually Communicate a Windows Phone Experience


  • Scott Meyers, Andrei Alexandrescu and Herb Sutter: C++ and Beyond


  • Checking In: Rick Molloy - Gone Native

    Interesting insights starting at minute 21:45 on native C++ vs managed code programming!

  • Peter Torr and Application Multi-Tasking on Windows Phone "Mango"

    Great conversation on the phone multi-tasking issues! Here are my minutes annotations on the video:

    2:30 why multi-tasking support took so long? It impacts battery life & user experience.

    4:13 why multitasking is hard on phone?

    5:44 higher bar requirement for user experience on the phone

    6:00 fast switching requires rebuilding app for Mango

    7:20 difference between WP7 & Mango

    9:00 how app runs in the background?
      no GUI, 6Mb memory, cannot run 100% CPU for more than 25s

    9:54 resources taken by the twitter demoed app

    10:33 XNA doesn't support background agents
     has a diff mechanism to play media (doesn't support random sound effects)

    12:11 granularity of control the developer & user have on background tasks
    12:30 background transfers, alarms and reminders are handled by sys
    12:50 audio agents run all the time

    13:15 flavours of generic background agents
     1. periodic agents
     2. resource intensive agents (run in night stand mode)
     run  in round robin fashion every 10 min (e.g. for data syncing)

    14:55 demo of background agent management
        app cannot turn on its agent on if user doesn't want it

    1740 location aware feature

    18:00 battery draining issue

    19:03 Mango favourite feature: groups

  • Touch User Experiences : User Experience Design Patterns for multi-touch devices

    Great insights into the touch user interface, experience and friendliness. Interesting annotations at minutes:
    2:56 touch experience is everywhere
    4:00 characteristics of the touch user experience (natural, engaging, human, intuitive, convenient)
    5:46 touch interaction (gesture, manipulation, multitouch)
    8::42 Flavours of touch
    11:02 Design principles for touch interface
    12:30 General Touch Rules (Responsive, Consistent, Forgiving)
    15:22 typical design problems (controls, gestures, hover)
    15:48 tapping design
    17:50 know the user (fingernails challenge for touch)
    19:30 control location
    21:40 Text Controls (text input and selection)
    25:30 Direct Access
    27:00 Gestures, are not known by users
    30:40 Hover issue
    32:13 Mobile use

  • Announcing the Official Release of Rx!

    Congrats to all involved with Rx, a living proof project of the power of mathematics, theoretical computer science and practical software engineering used to simplify and advance software development!

  • An Overview of the Microsoft Middleware Strategy

    Great talk about the middleware challenges and how Microsoft addresses them. Minutes of interest:

    10:40 Microsoft middleware programming model

    12:40 solutions for the islands of capability

    17:30 Appfabric container

    22:27 Appfabric cache

    23:10 Service bus

    26:10 Azure demo

  • CloudTalk: Architecting Software for the Cloud

    Most Interesting points @ minutes: 29:06, 35:20, 42:00, 46:40, 51:10, 53:50, 57:50, 1:02:53

    27:20 Cloud challenge nr 1: Scale
      lots of users, data, always busy: how to think different about scalability
        Scale up is not the solution. Scale out is.
    29:06 a. Scale the services: First scale out option:
            partition the app in:
              as set of async loosely coupled services
         31:15 example of message coupled sell & inventory services

    35:20 The message based design pattern allows possible release of part of the software. Cloud changes the way we think about software.

    36:20 b. scale data. SQL Azure Federations supports "sharding" cloud scale data

    partioned across multiple physical tables
      partition diff tables by region
        very hard problem

    39:30 c. State maintanance in scale scenario
     big challenge to keep cloud elastic + solutions (minimize & isolate state in the service)
     AppFabric cache services to the rescue

    42:00 Performance becomes explicit in the cloud
      because of charging model for cloud usage (storage, round-trips, etc.)

    46:40 cost of operation affects sys design
       cost of SQL Azure storage is higher than windows blob storage

    47:10 service success is determined by its manageability
     "One Microsoft" cloud experience with different MS enterprise products

    50:20 provide service visibility to the customer (up-time, scheduled events, etc.)

    51:10 Cloud error reporting and propagation adds new complexity
     need for platform services & APIs for error reporting

    52:40 cost effective manageability of service

    53:50 new reality: combination of cloud &
                    private devices (on-premises due to regulatory, merging, etc.)

    55:30 Identity

    56:10 Equivalent of liveID in the enterprise envir (online ID, bussiness equivalent available in the cloud, similar to AD)

    57:50 connect scenarios from cloud to premises
       azure service bus, CRM eventing model

    58:25 Customization for Cloud Systems
     declarative model-driven customization

    1:02:53 Other Cloud Considerations
       focus on simplicity
           should be rich but easy to startup, customize & upgrade
           remove features

       Privacy & data security
         raised to new levels

       Component failure
          assume failure due to huge nr of nodes
          recover state info in case of failure

    1:09:30 on-premises customers benefit from cloud investment

    1:11:23 The cloud enables new scenarios
     shared data
       payroll regulation
      connected big supply chains
        limit number of interfaces if everyone talks with a cloud hub
     new analytics, reveals otherwise invisible trends
      across massive data in the cloud
        example: determine flu trends via queries
    1:18:10 Q&A

    1:22:38 how MS deals with competitors?


  • CloudTalk: Architecting Software for the Cloud

    Great talk about how cloud computing changes software development requiring a "think different" paradigm.