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  • Countdown to TechEd Europe: A Piece of the Berlin Wall

    Congrats for the winner !

  • Countdown to TechEd Europe: Meet our Content Czar and Win a Free Pass!

    This is my only message... I come from the future... I have attended the TechEd Europe 2010... And the problem I am facing now is , because of I don`t know what reasons , me in the past doesn`t have enought money to attend , so you have to give him this freepass .... Else I don`t know what repercussions will this have on the time continuum space .... If he doesn`t attend, it could be the end of the world as we know it...
    I am limited in this web-time-machine ... so this is the only message i can send ... and i can attach only one photo to prove my statement.
    Here it is ( me at the TechEd Europe 2010 ):

    Me at TechEd Europe 2010

    You can contact me in the past at:

    P.S. Many will say , but ok you come from the future ... then why don`t you tell your past-you the numbers that will be chosen at the lottery so he would have money to attend .... I tried that many times , but the problem is that I never win ... hmm maybe why that happened ?  Smiley