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  • Managing IIS 7 with Windows PowerShell

    Powershell is a really cool technology and Jeffrey Snover is one of the nicest guys I have met. Last year I started a project to build integration between PowerShell and MOM 2005, NetIQ AppManager, as well as Remedy Help Desk. Unfortunately my higher-ups nixed the project, but it was the coolest thing we had done and my developers were sad that it didn't continue.

    Revolutionary scripting.
  • Ifeanyi Echeruo: Testing WPF - UI Fuzzing with InvokeStress

    I forget which Channel9 interview it was, but someone gave a tip that when showing VS .NET onscreen it is best to use Lucida Console 14 to make it legible. That would have been handy here.

  • .NET in MOM

    MOM's .NET SDK is pretty nice. You can automate a lot of stuff with it. We use it at my company ( We also build other connectors to lots of systems like MOM and we are announcing similar integration with Monad at MMS. Come check us out if you are there.
  • Tony Donno - Testing out Virtual Server

    If any of you are running Virtual Server in a production IT environment. You might want to check out (not really for home use). The OpalisRobot product is geared towards IT admins that need to create automated workflows. 

    Their core product has a plugin that can be used to automate starting, stopping, adding, removing, and listing the virtual machines on Virtual Server. There is also an equivalent product for Vmware GSX server.
  • Dan Fernandez - Demo of C# Express (pull images from Google)

    Kind of unfortunate that when Dan was demonstrating the IntelliSense Try Catch feature that he set the exception as System.Exception. A missed opportunity to teach newbie programers a best practice of not catching System.Exception.