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  • Anders Hejlsberg - Tour through computing industry history at the Microsoft Museum

    Anders is a cool guy.  Very unassuming.  Years ago I was at the Borland developer conference, and we had an application written in Turbo Pascal that exceeded the ability of the compiler -- it was too large.  I should add that despite the fact that this program was written for DOS, it's still in use at the well known corporation for which it was written.

    At any rate, we went to a session Anders was giving and after the session we cornered him and told him about the problem.  This was in the days that support for extended memory was just coming out. Anders said: hold on a minute.  He left and came back with a disk that had an alpha version of the TP compiler with support for extended memory.  We took it back with us, and compiled the program the first day we were back.

    That started a long relationship with Borland -- a company I have to say I really loved, and was sad to see go out the way it did.  Once win3.1 started to become popular, I turned my attention to windows development.  Our applications did a lot of stuff with databases, and we were using 4GL's like powerbuilder and gupta sql windows.  VB wasn't out yet, or maybe was just coming out.  Being hardcore TP bigots, we started talking to the Borland folks about what we wanted -- something that combined the best of TP, with the 5.5 Oop, owl, all its great tools, debugger, profiler, and what we had found was the best features in the 4GL's we were using.  Eventually we got invited to beta a new product they were developing that was built to address a lot of our wish list.  As it turned out, that  product was Delphi.  Unfortunately, it just took them too long to get it to market.  It was sad to see VB rise to the top, when Delphi was so much better thought out, and based on a decent language.