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  • Minds, Machines, and ​Intelligenc​e: A Conversation with Eric Horvitz

    I like how 'think' is recursively defined Wink  "meaning: generate thoughts autonomously"  What constitutes is a thought?  Also, how would you know if something was perceiving vs. simply registering (I see neuron C7 firing) seeing as perceiving is a purely subjective phenomena.  If it is purely subjective, then that's the end of it, you'll never "know" unless you are that subject.  Also, just because something "thinks" doesn't imply it has or will ever have emotions.  Something could be intelligent (say good at recognizing patterns and predicting what's next) but it doesn't have to "feel" one way or another about it. Actually I don't think we all know how emotions impact decision making.  That's some pretty cutting edge research that's currently ongoing. There's a great book called "How We Decide" that explores this concept.  Also, another book, "On Intelligence" is a great one to get you thinking about the 'intelligence algorithm' and how it is distinct from emotions.  It is quite possible that emotions are the auto-generated proto-thoughts of our reptialian brain...