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  • Steve Ball - Learning about Audio in Windows Vista

    I actually stumbled upon this video whilest searching for a solution to my nightmare that is the volume in media center.

    Nice to hear that things are moving along in the volume control arena, however, I cant for the life of me get the right volume to work in media center. Everything in windows is turned to low, however the volume remains loud in media center, and mutes as soon as the level goes below '6'. No idea how to fix this... tried two different sound cards and the last 3 beta releases, same issue.

    Using the volume slider in media player works perfectly however. Very wierd, I am not sure where to set the volume at an application level, or if the volume in media center controls the speaker volume. Anyway, nice to get an insiders view from the devs on what lies in the future, keep up the good work... Smiley

    now im going to spend the next few hours playing with every volume slider I can find.... Perplexed