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  • Concluding Thoughts - 24

    Bob, thank you very much for all your time and effort. You've taught me more than any other resource I've ever encountered (and there are tons of them). I'm no teenager anymore, so finding something to suit my learning style is often difficult. You've hit the nail on the head, it would seem, as I have been able to independently make some neat apps with C# thanks to your fantastic tutorials.

    I took my time with them, rewound, reviewed, and "got my hands dirty" as you suggested. I also tinkered with the code way too much! In the end, I feel that I am ready for the next step after developing some interesting apps, breaking them all to pieces, reviewing some tutorials to find out why stuff was breaking or working as it should, and then putting it all back together. It's off to XNA for me now! 

    I have recommended this to my co-workers (as many others have also done). Again, thank you so very much Bob!